Mustafar conversion issue.

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Mustafar conversion issue.

Postby ggctuk » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:01 pm

I've found something of an... interesting bug when I tried to do a fresh conversion of Mustafar from SWBF2 to SWBF. Now, the map itself doesn't appear to need any tinkering bar the removal of barriers to work as intended, but there is one odd thing I noticed, and this occurs with the old scum/strike conversion too (which is what guided my decision to attempt a fresh conversion).

On the walkway to the east of the map, south of the processing vanes, there is a strong orange light when you face a certain direction (south). I've tried to disable the effects on the object (mus_bldg_walkway) and I've tried disabling effects in the sky file, but the light persists. Any idea why this is and how I might resolve it?

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