Complete "How-To" Tutorial Thread

Post everything from general questions, to modding questions, to map WIPs to releases. (SWBF1 only)

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Complete "How-To" Tutorial Thread

Post by Teancum »

Right, well the staff is trying to clean up the forums a bit, so this topic is meant to the complete how-to FAQ. Right now we'll just have links to the stickies that have been removed, but eventually the important information will all be moved into this topic.

Here's what you'll need to mod:

Tools list
SWBF from "Best of PC" ZeroEditor fix

How To:

Create a preview movie (level select screen)
A Quick and Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial to Editing Factions
Using the Localize Tool
Correctly using sky settings
How to make vehicles into props
Creating Water (by Rippentuck and others)
What it takes to make your map "Final"
Got Sound? (Psych0fred's)
The ultimate Tips&Tricks thread!
Sky Usage
Changing Terrain Size
Missing Map Names In Other Languages
Planning and Weights
64 Bit munge solution

If you need help with an individual topic and it's appropriate to do so, click the link, and post in THAT topic. This one will stay locked to keep clutter down.