Can't spawn on shipped maps

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Can't spawn on shipped maps

Postby zAZRO » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:05 am

Hi. Could someone help me with this error I keep getting when I try to play my modded stock Tatooine Dune Sea map it has these things
- the map on the right was black
- there were no spawn points to join in at
- and at the top it said Victory in 20 sec

It happens when I try to edit the stock map to switch which sides spawn at what command post. But when I use the default map in my lua code instead of my edited one it works but the command post have not been switched.

-- THIS DOESN'T WORK ReadDataFile("dc:TATS\\tat1.lvl") or ReadDataFile("dc:TATS\\dc:tat1.lvl")

-- THIS WORKS ReadDataFile("TAT\\tat1.lvl")

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Re: Can't spawn on shipped maps

Postby Led » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:07 pm

The short and probably not so helpful answer is that it is a LUA error. I would need more information about your mod to know how to fix it. It is obviously not loading the proper map. If you post your LUA in spoiler tags I could take a look.

Also, let me know if you are using the mod tools and making a proper Addon map, or if you are trying to change the stock mission.lvl file.

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