SWBF1 Sound Adjustments Mod

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SWBF1 Sound Adjustments Mod

Post by giftheck »

This mod is mainly a sound restoration/change mod with only a small number of visual changes. No gameplay changes have been made. This is based entirely on the sound mungers I have built for use with my mods as of late.

Included are the sound files and the slightly-adjusted sides. The sides are not necessary since all they do is change a couple of models (predominantly unit models) and introduce the Shotgun SFX to the GCW and add the E5 sound to the campaign.


List of changes:
-Replaced some weapon models:
--Rebel Rifle with A280C/A295
--DC-15X with custom design
--DC-15S with proper design, plus changed animation to rifle
--Commando Pistol with DC-17
--Imperial Rifle with ANH/Rogue One E-11 design
--E-11S with SWBF3 design
--Dark Trooper shotgun with E-11D
--Wookie Time Bomb with Detonite Charge design
-Replaced the B1 Battle Droid models
-Replaced the Stormtrooper models

Sound restorations:
-Restored the original AT-ST chin firing sound (original was AT-ST head cannon sound)
-Restored the original AAT cannon sound (original was pitched-down Droideka firing sound)
-Restored the correct pitch for the Droid Starfighter's engine

Sound Additions:
-Added a new Shotgun sound for the Rebel Pilot and Dark Trooper
-Added a new entry for the CIS Blaster Rifle in the campaign, thus separating it from the Super Battle Droid wrist blaster
-Added a new Commando Pistol sound
-Added a new overlay to the Spider Walker laser beam

Sound Replacements:
-Replaced the Rebel Blaster sound
-Replaced the Rebel Pistol sound
-Replaced the Imperial Blaster sound
-Replaced the Imperial Pistol sound
-Replaced the Clone Trooper Blaster sound
-Replaced the Clone Trooper Pistol sound
-Replaced the Super Battle Droid Wrist Blaster sound
-Replaced the Droid Starfighter cannon Sound
-Replaced the LAAT cannon sound
-Replaced the sniper rifle sounds with SWBF3 equivalents
-Replaced some music files, mainly the Clone Wars-era music on Kashyyyk with music from Episode III
-Added new music to the main menu
-LucasArts/LucasFilm for the sound effects and music
-Free Radical for the E-11S model
-Pandemic Studios for the mod tools
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