Cato Neimoidia: Hanging City (SWBF Elite Squadron) - Ver 2 17 August 2020

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Cato Neimoidia: Hanging City (SWBF Elite Squadron) - Ver 2 17 August 2020

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Here's my next port. Cato Neimoidia is a map from Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. It has taken more tinkering than the previous post to get this 'ready' (though there are a couple of potential bugs still to iron out). I figured the map is in a stable-enough state to play though, so here is Version 1.

The Republic, as with Kashyyyk, has a custom sides file with Phase 2 appearances (taken straight from SWBF2 in this instance), while the Empire has a new Dark Trooper replacement, the Jump Trooper.


-Rebellion Developments - Original map, General Kota model
-Free Radical - certain map props, General Kota textures, Master Ferroda model
-Pandemic Studios - Asajj Ventress model
-Teancum - original map rip and conversion
-Krome Studios - Imperial Jump Trooper model
-Mark Griskey - music from The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed II
Update 17 August 2020:
-Fixed certain collision issues
-Added custom heroes for both eras (Master Ferroda, Asajj Ventress, and General Kota)
-Assigned the Palace CP to the CIS/Empire in order to give them a chance to take the Courtyard CP
-Reassigned the tank spawns to the North and South Landing Pads.
-Swapped the AT-ST for the IFT-T.
-Added custom music for the GCW era
-Added fog and clouds to the skydome
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