2vs2 needed server for practice!

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2vs2 needed server for practice!

Postby Qdin » Thu Jul 14, 2005 3:00 pm

Hey guys

at the upcoming tourney at ER - 2vs2 elimination rounds - we have a few teams.

one of them is Phil and Rebelscum, but they havent created the team at ER yet ( lol - they needed a good name)

and the other is me and Darthlarrious :P without D knows it, I just created the team: North Of GT - and a.s.a. he gets on, I'll tell him :wink: and tell him why (he had to leave)

well, the problems is, that we all need a server :?

Rebelscum contacted me, and asked about a server ( he's still doing that at th emoment :?: )

and is it possible for anyone to host a training server for me, D, Rebelscum and Phil? and the others who's gonna participate in the nearest future :D

the maps is the 4 'standard non-vehicle' maps. both era's

please tell us if anybody can host so we can train :P

and btw, we all need a/some substitutes in case of any problems :D

C ya


RE: 2vs2 needed server for practice!

Postby geoman777 » Thu Jul 14, 2005 3:26 pm

Ill be a substitute, and Ill see what I can do about hosting a server.

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