[GT] Teamspeak servers...

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[GT] Teamspeak servers...

Postby guru » Fri Mar 11, 2005 4:42 pm

server :
username: empty

Once you register and your on the server you can use your registered username to enter the teamspeak!

Headphones (or a microhpone) to talk!
Speakers to hear the action!

I used this teamspeak server for another website I run but its almsot unused now so Im setting it up for us as a [GT] ts server.

Once you follow the simple steps below, you will hear, share talk and even text chat, all in the same window.
This post will be open for replies or questions.

-= Client Setup/Connecting to Teamspeak Server =-

These Steps will help you install, setup, connect to our servers, and register. A guest password is required to access the server ,you must enter lowercase strongholdworld to enter.

1 - Download and Install - Windows
Teamspeak 2 Win32 Client (RC2)
size: 5.8 MB

DOWNLOAD IT FREE http://www.strongholdworld.com/teamspea ... 2_2032.exe

More free info about this freeware application
is available at teamspeak.org.

2 - Start your Team Speak 2.0 client (double click the icon)

3 - Setting up your Stronghold TeamSpeak 2.0 Options ,these are usually left at default settings but if you like you can adjust them as you need to.

- Go to your Setting folder
- click (Options / Sound Devices) Make sure you have the right sound device selected (usually its default setting is fine)
- click (Options / Other) Set your default guest nickname
- click (Options / soundinput/output) Set your talk button as well if you like.

4 - Connecting to our Server as a Guest, and saving our server in your addressbook *** OUR SERVER is at ***
- Click (Connection/Connect) Select (Web Servers List) Locate and Highlight your desired server
then Select (Copy to local Addressbook)
- Click on the (Local Addressbook) tab
- You should see the server's info on the right hand side of the window, with your guest Nickname.
- Select Auto-Reconnect
- Select (Anonymous)
- Enter our password and connect




3 .Enter any nickname you want, and no LOGIN and the password is strongholdworld

4. Hit connect , your in:) talk , find channels you like, and read below for how to register your nickname , permanently!

5 - Registering to our server, Steps to register. (You can register to a Team Speak server to chat in registered channels)
- click Self/Register With Server, enter your Login Name and password, then click register.
This will be your personal login and pass to the Stronghold server.

6 - Connecting to the server using your personal Log Name and password
- Disconnect from the server
- Click Connections/Connect/Local Addressbook
- Select ( Registered )
- Enter your Personal Login Name and Password
- Connect to the Server

7 - You are finished. Its is very simple to connect also by just clicking quick connect and putting the server location as
and entering your guest name as well as the required strongholdworld password.

Hopefully we will see you there. If you get lost leave posts here and others can assist you. It will be a nice addition to the game having the option to chat.

This is ultra helpful for gaming and a good way to meet up with the clan/meeting etc..


RE: [GT] Teamspeak servers...

Postby rebel_scum » Fri Mar 11, 2005 4:55 pm

ok thanks guru


Postby TAW_Banzai » Thu Mar 24, 2005 6:36 pm

seems to be non-functional right now....

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Postby guru » Thu Mar 24, 2005 7:48 pm

hmm ok checking.

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