GT-S ... a new breed of soldier

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GT-S ... a new breed of soldier

Postby Teancum » Thu Sep 21, 2006 1:03 pm

So Qdin's been bugging me for awhile :P, but we proudly announce GT-S, the Scandinavian division of Gametoast Clan. Still a part of GT and GT-B, GT-S is a special Scandinavian branch of the clan that lets our Scandinavian users recognize each other, plot together in other languages, etc. So if this applies to you, be sure to put GT-S in front of all your in-game names.

*Why GT-S? Well, there's tons of Scandinavian folks here!

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RE: GT-S ... a new breed of soldier

Postby Qdin » Thu Sep 21, 2006 4:33 pm

Yup :P

But of course; ONLY Danish, Swedish and Norwegian is allowed; WE comewhat understands each other, but Finnish is just... well - too far away: you ARE allowed to join, but expect mainly Swedish for you :P

If you want to be a GT-S remember to get an Xfire account, use it and call yourself [GT-S]YourNickName :)

It'll be like GT-B, except that tyhis one is more.. Closed :D yup - it's our private one :twisted: lol

I'll bug Steve RIGHT away to make us a channel on Team Speak so we can speak or Scandinavian Languages :)
This is actually gonna be interesting, and will probably help us a LOT in the future :)

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