Mod Keeps Crashing - Pax Empiricae Era

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Mod Keeps Crashing - Pax Empiricae Era

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For some reason the Pax Empiricae mod that I installed on my Ultimate Pack in the Addon folder keeps crashing whenever I play on the map Polis Massa and I have no idea why. The era mod functions fine on every other map except Polis Massa and Ive been trying to fix it. I load the map, the mod plays for about a minute, and units spawn in and gameplay is normal but after a minute of gameplay it just crashes. I think it might have to do with an illegal skin that causes a fatal crash when it spawns in because the map crashes between 30 seconds to 2 minutes of gameplay but this is of course just a theory. I would really appreciate any help from SWBF2 Modders that can help me out with this problem because I would love to showcase this map and mod on my livestreams

Update: I have found the problem but I don't know how to fix it. The class known as "Army Trooper" for the Empire changes between 3 skins like many other units in the game but 1 of the 3 skins that can spawn in is causing a fatal crash and I cant keep the AI from picking the class. The only way I can play the map is to disable all AI which takes away the point of the game. Does anyone know how to fix this bug in the Pax Empiricae mod or disable this class?

New Update: I have been trying so many different methods to fix this problem for the Pax Empiricae mod on Polis Massa but nothing has worked. My new goal is to try to find a way to make the AI stop picking the "Army Trooper" class in the era mod. Does anyone know how to fix my problem or disable AI from picking a certain class?
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