Recruit System/fortify/better "squad system"

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Recruit System/fortify/better "squad system"

Postby MixxiMischief » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:06 am

Alright, I don't even know if any of this is possible, but im going to ask because even if it isn't, im sure you guys could provide some alternatives, or at least a way to fake the following so my game is a bit more exciting, and start my galactic conquest overhaul project.

1st thing: a recruitment system. one thing ive always disliked about galactic comquest was that every battle you started out with the same amount of troops/reinforcements. and the garrison bonus never really fixed that issue for me. so ive been planning out a system for using your spare credits after purchasing bonuses and new units to play as and all that good stuff, to purchase more reinforcements for each of your fleets, and before each battle you would have to choose how many of your men were going to fight in that battle, and the remaining forces would stay behind with the rest of the fleet for later engagements, so if you lose a battle due to your reinforcement count dropping to zero, then you have no units to bring back from that battle, but if you win, or lose to complete CP capture, then your remaining reinforcements would be added back to your total "manpower' to continue with your glactic conquest. also, the garrison bonus, would be changed to add units from your current overall "manpower" to your currently owned planets, and when your planets get attacked, if your fleet isn't in orbit, the troops you have stationed is what youll have to defend it.

(another note on this, I planned to add a similar system for vehicles. maybe.)

2nd thing: a build system for engineers, nothing super grand or amazing (at least for now), but adding a tool to their primary or their secondary attacks that when you have it equipped and you click like you normally would to reapir or shoot or use other equipment, it brings up a small windowed interface, with buildable objects, like barricades, traps, turrets, and other things for fortifying small areas within reason. each buildable object would have its own build cost based on functionality and size (in credits) and only the engineer would have this tool. the interface would also display the amount of credits you currently have in galactic conquest so you don't have to rack your brain to remember how many you have and if you can even build the items you want to build.

(one more note on the last subject, if its possible to implement the building system, down the road I would like to add a supply system for building things, and you could use your credits on bulk supplies for building instead)

3rd thing: ive always liked squad based games, and SWBF2 has an okay squad sytem, but i think it could use a little expanding upon. such as increasing the follow range of the A.I. so they dont clump up behind you where you cant even see them. increase the amount of units that can follow to possibly 5-6 units? maybe a few more than that because I play with quite a few A.I. on the map so I can really experience the battle. individual commands to each member of your team, if you were to have two heavy weapons specialits, and 4 basic clone troopers, you would want to be bale to order the heavies specifically to target a vehicle, and have the standard troopers defend those two. or this could also go with my engineers thing, you could order an engineer to construct a turret or barricade or something, then have the other a.i. protect him. also, ordering them to comandeer vehicles (and continue to follow you and receive orders), throw grenades, make use of cover, and other basic commands when told to would be great.

(another note on this as well, down the road after my main ideas and everything else is completed, I planned to bring kind of a pseudo high command structure, where there would be a.i. squad leaders, and you give them fairly vague and basic orders, like secure a specific area of a map, or to attack an enemy a.i. squad, very vague things so the a.i. can complete your orders in their own way, vehicle commands too, for tank units and stuff, but if I ever get to this it wont be for a while)

ive thought about ways i could implement these ideas, and i think theyre pretty good concepts, and reasonable. if anyone could tell me where i should start with this, or give me some info on scripts, or if there are assets out there that could help with this, i would really appreciate it, im determined to bring these concepts to life.

also, im planning to entirely overhaul the galactic conquest gamemode with these ideas, so im looking to make general chamges to the whole gametype and not just individual maps.

again, thoughts and ideas highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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