Custom Galactic Conquest troubles [UNSOLVED]

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Custom Galactic Conquest troubles [UNSOLVED]

Postby MileHighGuy » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:51 pm

Hi guys,

So I can get a basic custom galactic conquest going fine, if I only override the scripts:


The game goes to a black screen if I use my own ifs_freeform_main.lua. Pointing to the stock one is fine.

I eventually want to override all the GC scripts.
I didn't really edit any of them beyond pointing to the new ones except in custom_gc_11.lua script.

Here is my custom_gc_11.lua

Code: Select all
--This is the main setup script for a custom Galactic Conquest
print("custom_gc_11: Entered")

-- Those 7 steps are in this section
--Modders, for basic custom Galactic Conquest support
--   you only need to change the variables in this section.
--  If you want to do advanced things, you will need to
--      learn how the real game does it.
--   If you need to change something else in the game, it is
--      best to 'take control' of the function as done
--      a few times below this section.  This allows you to
--      change parts of the shell without replacing shell.lvl.

--To use this script in your own custom Galactic Conquest,
-- 1) you need to search/replace: cgc11/cgc#
-- 2) you need to search/replace: gc_11/cg_#
--   where '#' is the number of this custom Galactic Conquest

-- 3) this button tag must be unique for each button in the Galactic Conquest screen
local gcTag = "Test"

-- 4) this is the string your Galactic Conquest button will use
--   if the game cannot find the a localization version of the string,
--   it will directly display the text on the button
local gcString = "Galactic Conquest Test" --""

-- 5) load any other scripts from your custom_gc_11.lvl


-- ScriptCB_DoFile("ifs_freeform_main_2")  ---- causes problems <----------------

-- 6) this is your script that starts your Galactic Conquest game
--local start_gc = ifs_freeform_start_zer
local start_gc = ifs_freeform_start_cw_2

-- 7) read in any strings you need

-- The end of the 7 step section

--add a button to the shell for our custom Galactic Conquest
if custom_GetGCButtonList then
   print("custom_gc_11: Taking control of custom_GetGCButtonList()...")
   --check for possible loading errors
   if cgc11_custom_GetGCButtonList then
      print("custom_gc_11: Warning: Someone else is using our cgc11_custom_GetGCButtonList variable!")
      print("custom_gc_11: Exited")
   --backup the current custom_GetGCButtonList function
   cgc11_custom_GetGCButtonList = custom_GetGCButtonList

   --this is our new custom_GetGCButtonList function
   custom_GetGCButtonList = function()
       print("custom_gc_11: custom_GetGCButtonList(): Entered")
       --get the button table from the real function
       local list = cgc11_custom_GetGCButtonList()
       --add in the button for our Galactic Conqust
       local ourButton = { tag = gcTag, string = gcString, }
      table.insert( list, 1, ourButton )      
       print("custom_gc_11: custom_GetGCButtonList(): Exited")
       return list
   print("custom_gc_11: Warning: No custom_GetGCButtonList() to take over")
   print("custom_gc_11: Exited")

--Note: if you want your Galactic Conquest to only be visible at certain times (like when some other GC is completed), you will need to take over the ifs_sp_campaign_fnUpdateButtonVis() and/or ifs_sp_gc_fnUpdateButtonVis() functions (like you did with custom_GetGCButtonList()).  Both of these functions can be found in Common\scripts\PC\ifs_sp_campaign.lua

--listen for when our Galactic Conquest button is clicked
if custom_PressedGCButton then
   print("custom_gc_11: Taking control of custom_PressedGCButton()...")
   --check for possible loading errors
   if cgc11_custom_PressedGCButton then
      print("custom_gc_11: Warning: Someone else is using our cgc11_custom_PressedGCButton variable!")
      print("custom_gc_11: Exited")
   --backup the current custom_GetGCButtonList function
   cgc11_custom_PressedGCButton = custom_PressedGCButton

   --this is our new custom_GetGCButtonList function
   custom_PressedGCButton = function( tag )
       print("custom_gc_11: custom_PressedGCButton(): Entered")
       --not our conquest, so let the game process it normally
       if tag ~= gcTag then
          return cgc11_custom_PressedGCButton()
       --it is our Galactic Conquest button, so get our game going
       print("custom_gc_11: custom_PressedGCButton(): Exited")
       return true
   print("custom_gc_11: Warning: No custom_PressedGCButton() to take over")
   print("custom_gc_11: Exited")

print("custom_gc_11: Exited")

but when I try to do this in custom_gc_11.lua

Code: Select all
(which is the unedited script, just the one that I own)

along with
Code: Select all
local start_gc = ifs_freeform_start_cw_2

Code: Select all

The screen turns black when I start my custom GC and I get this in the debug log:
Code: Select all
Message Severity: 3
CallProc failed: (none):0: attempt to index field `teamCode' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
   (none): in function `OneTimeInit'
   (none): in function <(none):1118>

It seems no matter what I do in that file it does not change the error. The only time teamCode is referenced in ifs_freefrom_main:OneTimeInit is here

Code: Select all
-- load sides
         ifs_purchase_load_data(this.teamCode[1], this.teamCode[2])

I am thinking maybe the order of ScriptCB_DoFile in the custom_gc_11.lua could be off, if that matters? Any ideas?
Has anyone been able to successfully override this script?

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Re: Custom Galactic Conquest troubles [UNSOLVED]

Postby Anakin » Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:36 am

i run into this error "nil OneTimeInit" multiple times.
First i recommend to throw away this old garbage gc script ;)
You can use the new Remaster interface script, that does exactly the same, but with this code instead:
Code: Select all
-- Developer Documentation by Anakin

-- load all scripts needed for your custom gc match here

-- some variables needed by the register function
local gcButtonTag = "cgcButton"            -- the button tag needs to be unique
local gcButtonString = "CGC Tutorial"      -- the name can be localized or hardcoded
local start_gc = ifs_freeform_start_cgc      -- This is the function that starts the gc match.

-- register the button
swbf2Remaster_registerCGCButton(gcButtonTag, gcButtonString, start_gc )

If you install Remaster, check the Developer Documentation, it's explained there, how to use it.

i may find the time to look into detail by the end of next day, when i did all my exams. remind me on discord, i'm not so active on GT anymore

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Re: Custom Galactic Conquest troubles [UNSOLVED]

Postby MileHighGuy » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:17 pm

So with Anakin's help I was able to override the ifs_freeform_main function

essentially all you have to do is re-assign the function in ifs_freeform_main before it is called by the start script (you can do the same thing with any other table too)

so if you are using the version 1.3 way of setting up a galactic conquest you can do this in the custom_gc_11.lua, or if you are using battlefront remastered you could put it in the RTS_interface_script (where RTS is your project name).

Code: Select all
ifs_freeform_main.OneTimeInit = function(this, showLoadDisplay)
--do code here
--can add print() statements for debugging

you can do it like this because ifs_freeform_main is a table. each of its entries are a function. so If you override a function it will look at that new one.

you should take more care though to make sure that it is only overridden when you actually press start, so maybe it would be better to override it in the beginning of the
ifs_freeform_start_cw_2 function

So you could put all the code concerned with overriding in a new .lua file and then call ScriptCB_DoFile("override_main_filename") where you want to override it

I'm also not sure if this will cover it when you load a saved game

not to mention how to set it back to normal if you quit the galactic conquest game and play a different galactic conquest. i suppose you could store the original like so
Code: Select all
original_ifs_freeform_main = ifs_freeform_main
--do override here

--when you want to set it back somewhere
ifs_freeform_main = original_ifs_freeform_main

I will keep this thread open for other questions i might have

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