"Era-Mod" list (and what letters they use).

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"Era-Mod" list (and what letters they use).

Postby CdtFox » Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:44 pm

Hey everyone, now that I'm on a break thanks to Corona I finally found the time to make this post.

Something I wished I had when I started building up Era-Mods for SWBF II, a list of every released "Era-mods" and what letters they are using.
If you ever want to create your own era mod you want to ensure it's are compatible with a maximum of already released mods. Otherwise you won't be able to have your favorite mods installed alongside your own.

I'm only doing that for already released era-mods. I ain't going to guess which letter is used by a work-in-progress mod. You can contribute by replying to this thread with your letter and I'll edit the list. :D

But...but Blueman, how did you find each era mod's letter? Ez, just open up the mod's mission.lvl in any hex-editor and search for the loaded scripts (i.e: Ctrl + F for "cor1" and you'll find cor1a_con, a being the era's letter). Less than 2 mins process. There's plenty of era mods out there so the list is definitely not complete just yet.

Thanks to Marth for the Gist, here's the link! https://gist.github.com/marth8880/65018 ... 99e167c4c7

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