modding question regarding proton torpedoes.

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modding question regarding proton torpedoes.

Post by OOM9AtNaboo »

I am having trouble changing the color of proton torpedoes from blue to pink (the actual color of proton torpedoes in the Star Wars Universe). I tried changing the com_sfx_protontorpedo colors from the blue to pink but when I went to test to change in game there was no change in color. Anyone have an idea on how to go about changing the proton torpedoes color?
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Re: modding question regarding proton torpedoes.

Post by Sporadia »

Assuming that you know how to implement side modding, this is how I would approach it:
  1. Rename the fx file,
  2. Put it into the effects folder for your side,
  3. Change the effect in the weapon odf and rename the weapon odf,
  4. Change the weapon in every space ship odf which uses it and rename those space ship odfs,
  5. Change those space ships in every mission lua,
  6. Add those mission lua to mission.req and the addme etc,
  7. Then I'm pretty sure you need to mod the maps in zeroeditor to spawn the renamed vehicles. There'll be tutorials for that on the sticky, I haven't done any world modding yet so can't help you there. (What I would probably try to do first, is check if it's possible to skip this step by using SetProperty commands on whatever spawns the vehicles. I doubt that it can be done but you never know.)
If you think the problem is in the fx file itself, open it in particle editor and see what colour everything is. There could potentially be 2 colour sections and a colour transform for every particle emitter in the fx file, so it's easy to miss one.
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