How to add "[Solved]" to your thread's title

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How to add "[Solved]" to your thread's title

Postby AQT » Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:29 pm

Once your topic has been solved, and there is an actual solution presented in the topic, please do the following:

1) Go to the original post of your topic.
2) Click on the Edit button of that post.
3) Place your cursor at the end of your current topic title in the Subject: box.
4) Hit the Space key on your keyboard once.
5) Type the following as exactly shown:
Code: Select all

6) Hit the Submit button.

If you don't do this yourself, then a staff member will do it for you.

Example: Suppose your topic title is:
Code: Select all
I need help please

Here's what adding "[Solved]" should look like:
Code: Select all
I need help please [Solved]

  • Notice the single space between "please" and "[Solved]".
  • Notice how "[Solved]" comes right after "please" (the last word of the topic title), not before it or somewhere in between.
  • Notice how "[Solved]" uses square brackets [], not parentheses () or curly brackets {}.
  • Notice how the "s" in "[Solved]" is capitalized, while "olved" is in all lowercase.

The right way:

And the completely wrong way:

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