A few questions.

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A few questions.

Postby Zeneth » Mon Dec 26, 2005 12:41 pm


I have been snooping about in mission.lvl recently but as of yet have been unable to alter anything significant without causing a crash. I have a few questions...

Firstly, regarding the length markers, where exactly are they? I know there are short tags preceeding/terminating name references, i.e 040E000000rep_hero_yoda , which seem to correspond to the length of the name. Are they the only ones or do they precede whole sections as well?

Secondly, how would I go about mixing sides? Specifically, I wanted to change the jedi_master_03 hero from the clones/jedi CTF coruscant mod to rep_hero_yoda. I tried this the obvious way, and the game doesn't crash, but I am never given the option to play Yoda. Likewise, if I replace one of the other units with Yoda, they just disappear off the selection screen.

And lastly, I noticed something interesting in jed.lvl. There seem to be entries for "jed_inf_sith", which I presume is some kind of basic unit or model or something (all the jedi units reference "jed_inf_jedi"), but no actual unit that uses it. I tried changing one of the jed_inf_jedi to jed_inf_sith, but that provoked a crash. Perhaps they were planning to add a non-hero jedi/sith battle but never got around to it?


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RE: A few questions.

Postby Leviathan » Mon Dec 26, 2005 12:49 pm

DFYX has posted the names of the sections whose sizes must be changed to allow the insertion of additonal bytes. You'll find them in this thread...

PS : By the way, welcome on GameToast !...

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