Getting started with the modtools (FAQ)

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Getting started with the modtools (FAQ)

Postby MutantMonkey » Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:58 pm

I doubt there are any guides yet but I'll give you the low down (though the documentation included aint that bad - I did have to dicipher it a bit back in BF! Builder!)

1st thing to do - go into C:\BF2_ModTools\data\_BUILD (default directory) and double click (open) the "Modtools VisualMunge.exe" (should have an icon like system defrag) in the window that pops up you will need to put in a 3-letter world name (this is NOT the actual name of the map - so don't panic) this is what ur maps folders and files will b named using (I will refer to it as ***).
Tip: if u plan to release the map u will need to consider a 3 letter name that is not already taken
Enter a Full World Name (the actual map name) and optionally a description in the box below.
Select "space map" if appropriate and the game modes you wish to include (but I'm not gonna cover space maps as I don't know about them yet).
Finally click the "Create World" button and wait... a dialogue box will pop up eventually telling you to go to BF2_ModTools\data***\_BUILD and run visual munge from there, click ok and close that visual munge, DON'T do as it says just yet tho, instead go into your data*** folder and open the zeroeditor.exe in that folder.

Once zeroeditor loads - click the "LOAD" button in the top left (under "FILE:") and go to this directory C:\BF2_ModTools\data_***\Worlds\***\world1 and open the ***.wld

A new window will appear "Load Layers" - select all the layers (click on them) then click OK... now it gets a bit more exciting!

Depending on whether u chose a space or land map it will look different
-land maps load as a flat wireframe, which can b changed in size - now is the time to do so, under "advanced" click the "terrain" button (but this will wipe other things incl. the 4 spawn points (which are placed by default)
-space maps will have 2 capital ships (1 for each side) and 2 frigates (1 for each side).

camera/view Controls:

W key = forward
S key = back
A key = turn left
D key = turn right
F key = up
V key = down
Left arrow key = straif left
Right arrow key = straif right
Up arrow key = look up
Down arrow key = look down
, key (<) = decrease camera movement speed
. key (>) = increase camera movement speed

Panel buttons:

SHOW: - in order to show/hide different elements you need to click these buttons object is the only one selected by default

select SOLID to be able to see textures (this takes more processor power)
select WIRE to see a vertex grid
(you can select both the above!)
select HEIGHT to see the wire frame in topographical style (height change is represented by colour)
select COLOR to see any coloured areas of your map (wire frame)

ACTIVE LAYERS: - click the CHANGE: button to see available layers in a new window, selecting BASE for example will allow you to see and edit Command Posts (CPs). Layers are a way of seperating out the different types of info so that you don't get confused and so your map doesn't get to cluttered - otherwise you could click accidentally on things you don't mean to.

VISABILITY: - this allows you to increase camera view distance but more view means slower performance, especially with more objects

HEIGHT - select this to access the height manipulation panel (on the laft) and edit the terrain height!
COLOR - select this to access the color mode and panel where you can colour the terrain!
TEXTURE - texture mode and texture panels (left and right)
WATER - water mode and panel, for creating and editing water (requires water related files)
FOLIAGE - create plants
OBJECT - this is where you can add all sorts of things such as buildings, replenishment droids, unit spawn points and vehicle spawn points!
PATH - a key part of any unit spawn point, it defines where units will spawn
REGION - a region is an area that defines where units have to be to capture a CP and its also the area which stops spawned units degenerating (and eventually destructing)
PORTAL - an advanced technique that sperates maps into areas allowing them to b loaded based on visability (basically this can improve game performance)
HINTNODE - These are things that tell the AI how to behave in certain areas
BARRIERS - Place these to tell AI to avoid objects (they can't see objects)
PLANNING - Allows you to setup AI routes allowing AI to move more intelligently through your map
BOUNDARY - this defines a border that humans and AI should not venture beyond, if they do they will b warned and given time to return if not they will be destroyed... this is actually very important in order to stop players seeing the edge of the level, where textures end (its all about asthetics)
LIGHT - pretty obvious I think... it's a new feature (wasn't in BF1!)

EDIT: - UNDO is for ppl who make mistakes (we are all *undo*... mostly humans) and REDO is for indecisive ppl who aren't so sure it was a mistake (lol)

I'm gonna leave a gap now that I may finish or some1 else can... should incl. the following:
-in depth panel descriptions
-how to add vehicles
-creating textures
-adding necessary files from assets
-xsi modelling
Final Step:
Once you are done creating a map go to BF2_ModTools\data***\_BUILD and run visual munge from there. In this visual munge you will see the old options are greyed out and new ones are available but to start with you probably want to leave them as it will be faster - just click "Munge" (this is a term used that basically means to compile/create), again you will have to wait (this is when you wish you had a faster processor!) ...I think you can work the rest out ;)


RE: map help needed!!

Postby Dark_knight » Wed Mar 08, 2006 1:10 pm

thx for the help that long :D


RE: map help needed!!

Postby Talibanman » Wed Mar 08, 2006 2:11 pm

...or just d/l the tutorial...

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Re: map help needed!! (FAQ)

Postby jacco2010 » Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:09 pm

I just wanna know where to get the objects!! plz help :runaway:

When ever I go to play the map is says: "Couldn't find misson.lvl"

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Re: Getting started with the modtools (FAQ)

Postby Bulletkid » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:11 pm

This might be a stupid question but how can i configurate the program to become full screen?
Mine looks like this...Image

For some reason the maximize option is blocked. im such a noob... i cant figure it out

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Re: Getting started with the modtools (FAQ)

Postby nobody3 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:38 pm

config.ini (or so) open it u can set the size there and other stuff

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Re: Getting started with the modtools (FAQ)

Postby Bulletkid » Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:20 am

Thx mate

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