Effect problem

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Effect problem

Postby CdtFox » Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:23 am

Hello GT,

I have a couple of issue with my effects explosion for grenade and launchers. In the odf when i change the .fx by my new one it works, but it use the new effect only one time every three grenade explosion, the two other time are using the stock effect.

Here is my odf:
Code: Select all
ClassParent       = "com_weap_inf_thermaldetonator_exp"


Effect              = "rep_sfx_weap_thermaldetonator_exp"

And here is the class parent, "com_weap_inf_thermaldetonator_exp":

Code: Select all
ClassLabel          = "explosion"

Damage              = "450.0"
DamageRadiusInner   = "4.5"
DamageRadiusOuter   = "6.5"

Push                = "10.0"
PushRadiusInner     = "6.5"
PushRadiusOuter     = "6.5"

Shake               = "0.5"
ShakeLength         = "0.75"
ShakeRadiusInner    = "8.0"
ShakeRadiusOuter    = "15.0"

Effect              = "rep_sfx_weap_thermaldetonator_exp"
WaterEffect         = "com_sfx_watersplash_lg"
Decal               = "decal_explosion"
LightColor          = "255 220 100 255"
LightRadius         = "7.0"
LightDuration       = "1.0"

VehicleScale        = "1.0"
PersonScale         = "1.0"
DroidScale          = "1.0"
BuildingScale       = "1.0"
AnimalScale         = "1.0"

SoundProperty       = "com_weap_thermaldetonator_exp"
//WaterExplosion       = "com_weap_obj_med_water_exp"

Also when i use the stock "com_weap_inf_thermaldetonator_exp" without modifications it ignores completly the new effect, even if this is wroted in my side .odf.

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Re: Effect problem

Postby Delta-1035 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:16 am

I had the same issue a few days ago, it seems that ClassParent with explosions does not work well enough to change the effect.

The simple fix is to make a fully working rep_..._exp.odf with your new effect and ignore the com_...._exp_odf.

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