First person reload animations?

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First person reload animations?

Postby TriniGamer » Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:03 pm

I've seen it done in the BF3 Legacy mod but don't want to have to install all that. I know it's a tiny animation but it feels like it would just add so much to the first person experience of this game. Does anyone know how they did it and possibly able to re-create it with the default era etc? Or is it something that they managed to do and have not shared? There has to be a first person animation option as there are basic animations like moving your gun down to reload, so they have to be there. Any help appreciated.

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Re: First person reload animations?

Postby Gogie » Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:14 pm

Hi there, welcome so a few things first.

Adding animations to units is not a simple process if the assets have not already been munged for the side. It is a step by step process if your looking to do your own and get them into the stock sides.

I would reccomend looking first here for information on how to set up a custom side

Then Take a look here for custom first person

details on editing FPM in XSI can be found here:

details on character animation sets can be found here

Then read here for a look at custom first person animation

This is going to take a lot of reading, so I recommend taking a look at the FAQS pages found here:

Modding FAQS


Animations for new sides especially custom ones your making can take time. I'd personally recommend starting out smaller and familiarizing yourself with the mod tools and XSI prior to trying to tackle a big task like this.

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