Fixing the AT-AT walk cycle?

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Fixing the AT-AT walk cycle?

Postby ggctuk » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:31 am

I've noticed that in both the original game and in SWBF2, there are a few lines that control how the walkers move, particlarly how fast their animations play:

Code: Select all
TEMP_AnimationSpeed       = "1.5"
TEMP_Type          = "1"   //Sets up collision and number of legs, will be moved to the msh file

Here is the AT-ST's for comparison:

Code: Select all
TEMP_AnimationSpeed    = "1.0"
TEMP_Type       = "0"

The AT-TE's:

Code: Select all
TEMP_AnimationSpeed         = "1.5"
TEMP_Type           = "0"

And the Spider Droid's:

Code: Select all
TEMP_AnimationSpeed       = "1.0"
TEMP_Type             = "0"

Now, TEMP_AnimationSpeed, when altered, does exactly what it says on the tin. It changes the animation speed. I have no idea what TEMP_Type does exactly. However, I did notice one or two things when I fiddle with these:

-Changing the TEMP_AnimationSpeed tends to mess up the feet collision detection on the AT-AT.
-TEMP_Type, as is commented, is suppsoed to set up the collision and number of legs. The AT-AT is the only one with a value of 1 here. I've tried other values for it, including 0, but they too seem to mess up the walk cycle effects.

There is also another issue: the sound effects for the hydraulics. They seem to play constantly when the AT-AT is on the move. I'm aiming to replace these with the correct lift sounds from the film but there's no point if they play in this same manner.

There is another thing I noticed: The AT-AT and AT-ST ODFs are the only walker/commandwalker class without a "StompDetectionType" value in them.

Has anybody played around with these values at all to see what works?

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