How to teleport to other location with flyer?

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How to teleport to other location with flyer?

Postby Ginev » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:37 am

I tryed one tutorial that is showing how to teleport my soldier to other location (path node name) however its not working when i try to teleport myself while pilothing a flying vehicle.If someone know how to do it please tell me.

This is the code i am using for the teleport in my lua.

--A single teleport
local region = GetRegionLocation( "region0" )
local destination = GetPathNodeDestination( "cp4_spawn", 0 )
SetupEnterRegionTeleport( region, destination, 0, 0 )
ActivateRegion( "region0" )

How to make it so i can teleport while flying vehicle?

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