'Soldier Collision' for walker based vehicles

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'Soldier Collision' for walker based vehicles

Postby GarfSnacks » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:43 pm

Hey everyone. I have some questions about the ’SoldierCollision’ attribute for vehicles.
I’ve added Serejas Crabdroid vehicle and a Dwarf Spider Droid vehicle (not sure who the author is) to my map and noticed that AI don’t see the vehicles collision and run into the mesh and become stuck.

In ‘aimode’ with ‘ai.showobstacles’ I noticed that the two vehicles don’t show any collision, while the rep_hover_fightertank, cis_hover_aat, among other vehicles have a box around them.
I did notice that other walker based vehicles in my map (ATTE,ATXT) also don’t show any collision which makes me think that walker based vehicles just don’t show collision at all.

This is the ‘soldiercollision’ for the crabdroid odf
SoldierCollision = "p_-svbot-cube-leg_BL1"
SoldierCollision = "p_-svbot-cube-leg_BR1"
SoldierCollision = "p_-svbot-cube-leg_FL1"
SoldierCollision = "p_-svbot-cube-leg_FR1"
I would rather try to avoid having to export the crabdroid into XSI and add another collision piece to it to solve this problem.

And then I came across this in the ATXT odf
BuildingCollisionPrim = "BldgCylinder aacylinder NULL 0.0 4.7 0.0 3.0 7.6 0.0"

I tried adding these
SoldierCollisionPrim = "SldrCylinder aacylinder NULL 0.0 4.7 0.0 3.0 7.6 0.0"
SoldierCollisionPrim = "SldrBox aabox NULL 0.0 4.7 0.0 3.0 7.6 0.0"
But had no luck.
Is it possible to add a primitive collision shape to a model after it has been exported or am I misinterpreting the functionality of the BuildingCollisionPrim?

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