Spectator mode changes

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Spectator mode changes

Postby Legitosity » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:04 am

With the current BFC tournament this summer, we've been streaming a lot of matches.

I was wondering if a modder could help me with a couple of changes to the spectator view. I mainly want two things, the minimap and the ticket count.

Right now it's super annoying to spectate/cast conquest matches because we can't really tell which side is winning. It would be a huge quality of life change to be able to see which CP's are controlled by which team.

I'm also wondering how the spectate mode works in regards to which player comes next when clicking through. It would be super sick if we could instantly jump to the player we want, like if we could bind the number keys 1-0 to the players, 1-5 being rebels and 6-0 being empire. Currently, if there's a fight going on, you can't really toggle between views because you click and have to find that person, viewing several other players before finding the one you want, and by then the fight might be over.

Last idea I had at the moment, was using freecam during the matches and being able to freely toggle back and forth without clicking through menus but this might be a stretch?


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Re: Spectator mode changes

Postby Teancum » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:55 pm

There's nothing like that for SWBF2, unfortunately. I mean you could have two instances of the game running, one to spectate and another to see the score/minimap, but that's the best you could do. Two PCs, side-by-side.

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