Unlockable Weapons with awards

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Unlockable Weapons with awards

Post by The66Order66 »

Is it possible to unlock weapons adressing other commands than e.g. Marksman?

I want to give my engineer class an unlockable special weapon, but not after the shotgun award is completed but after 10 kills in general or 5 successfull heals.

Is something like this possible?
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Re: Unlockable Weapons with awards

Post by Sporadia »

If you're working just in the odfs then the only way I know how to unlock weapons is to use the normal medals. You can give a different weapon the ability to unlock a medal such as marksman. Though it might seem weird to have a pistol which is applying the marksman medal when you get headshots for example, there's nothing stopping you from doing it. But creating new medals based around healing or getting 5 kills etc is definitely not something you can do from in the odfs, and probably not something that can be done in the lua (although creatively using lua can achieve a lot so maybe there is a way, but it won't be easy).
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