Weapon where spread decreases as you fire

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Weapon where spread decreases as you fire

Postby MileHighGuy » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:26 am

Hi guys,

I have a question for you all. Is it possible to make a gun that gets more accurate as you fire, like the LMGs from Battlefield? A gun that starts out inaccurate but narrows down with each shot.

I tried to make a gun where the spread per shot was negative, perhaps subtracting from the yaw/pitch spread or StandStillSpread with each shot but that did not seem to work.

Any input would be appreciated!

Code: Select all
YawSpread       = "2.0"
PitchSpread     = "2.0"

SpreadPerShot       = "-1.02"
SpreadRecoverRate   = "0.0"
SpreadThreshold     = "0.0"
SpreadLimit         = "2.5"

StandStillSpread    = "2.0"
StandMoveSpread     = "2.5"
CrouchStillSpread   = "1.0"
CrouchMoveSpread    = "2.5"
ProneStillSpread    = "0.0"
ProneMoveSpread     = "1.0"

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