Map experiences a few seconds of heavy lag after loading

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Map experiences a few seconds of heavy lag after loading

Post by mrcluster »

Great to be back on Gametoast after such a long hiatus!

So, recently, I've started work again on my Jundland Wastes map. Everything's been going really well so far, but strangely, after munging it just once, now, whenever I start it up the game heavily lags for a few seconds once it's loaded. I have no idea why it does this; the last change I made before the munge that made this happen was swapping one of the textures I used for my map out for a different one. After this munge that caused the lag, I thought the complexity of the texture might've been to blame, so I swapped it back to its original and remunged. Still have the few seconds of lag at the beginning, even now.

Anybody know what could be causing this? My map has no foliage, and the only custom models I'm making use of are a very small amount for my units, none of which are even close to high-poly, and haven't caused any issues so far.

EDIT: Okay, after a bit of digging, it seems the issue was with my computer. Seems dragging a window in the top right corner gave whatever window my cursor was moving the same sort of stuttering that I experienced in BF2 - probably just a bug with how that's handled; it's all fine now.
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