Alaris Prime: Gorge

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Re: Alaris Prime: Gorge

Postby AQT » Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:41 pm

willinator wrote:Wow, that looks great AQT! Where did those new weapons come from, I haven't seen them in any other mods and I thought you couldn't use XSI?
Those weapons are by sereja, he released them over SWBFGamers about a year ago.

Yep, the Wookiee ones at least. :D

JimmyAngler wrote:May I add a suggestion? In the light tank, it would give a great feel if you allowed units to "ride" on the sides and use their weapons.

I understand you got that idea from Halo, but I personally think riding on an easy target like a tank in the heat of battle is not a very good idea.

The Nasal Abyss wrote:The weapon looks fine. Trando weapons aren't meant to look traditionally "Star Wars" they are meant to look like slapped together DIY weapons that would be used by slavers; not a military force.

I agree. I recall thinking those ACP weapons from Republic Commando being unlike any weapon from Star Wars that I had ever seen before.

Anyway, here's a final update before I release the map in a couple of hours: For vehicles in GCW, Trandoshans get a modified Infantry Support Platform (a.k.a. swamp speeder):

Wookiees get a light attack speeder:

And in GCW 1-Flag and 2-Flag CTF, Mandalorians will be featured as a third faction:

Map has been released: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=30932


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