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Hoth: Battle Of Echo Base

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2021 3:39 pm
by giftheck
Hi! This is my first conversion of a map from SWBF1 to SWBF2, and it's a conversion of my own Hoth: Battle Of Echo Base map.

The basic premise is that it's a reimagined version of Hoth, with new interiors for Echo Base (including the med centre). The big point for this map is that I decided to create new interior models to replace the oft-used stock ones: gone are the natural ice corridors everywhere, and in are new cut ice corridors. The main hangar has been altered to be more accurate to the film. There is also a Wampa cavern on the map.

Since this is a conversion, it's much further along than a brand new map. At current, the planned game modes are Conquest, Hunt, and XL. I'm just troubleshooting a few issues with the conversion (mainly flickering objects, introducing flyer splines for the snowspeeders, and AI sometimes disobeying planning).

There are a few minor changes to the sides as well:

-The Bothan Spy has been replaced with the Rebel Officer, who is armed with a rapid-fire DH-17. He does retain Stealth, however.
-The Imperial Officer's Sonic Blaster has been replaced with an RK-3, and his probe droid is now a Viper Probe Droid.
-The Rebel Smuggler model has been swapped for a Rebel Pilot model.
-The AT-AT pilot model has been updated.

Here's a few shots:
There's also a video here of a slightly earlier iteration, where I had yet to place world lighting. You can see most of the finished sides in there, though I did need to tone the native Wampas down a bit.