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Menu Music Mod

Post by Isaac1138 »

This is a mod that replaces the old repetitive default music for BF2 2005. I’m very excited to share this with the community as this is the kind of mod that is lacking.

There will be different folders with whatever you choose. I’ve made alternative soundtracks based on what you want to be played first every time you open the game. I’ve made three music selection sets. Big appreciation and credit to the composers here: John Williams, Kevin Kiner, Ludwig Goransson, Gordy Haab. Also thanks for the GT tutorials.

Download: ... eplacement

Installation: Just place your chosen shell.lvl and shell.bnk to “…Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_lvl_pc\sound”

please backup your shell.lvl in case for some reason want to revert back

Here are the names of all songs used in no particular order:

Selection 1: John Williams, Gordy Haab, Mark Grisky

Return to Tatooine (Episode III video game menu track)

Goodbye Old Friend (ROTS)

Imperial Suite (Rogue One)

Alliance Assembly (ROTJ)

Battlefront II 2017 Finale

Imperial Battle (Force Unleashed)

War Plans (TPM)

The Tide Turns (TPM)

Anakin is Free (TPM Special Edition)

Departing Coruscant (AOTC)

Finale (Aotc)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 2017 Menu Music

Encounters on the Battlefront (BF 2017)

Hope Suite (Rogue One)

Episode V End Credits (ESB)

Testing Allegiance (Solo)

Force Unleashed End Credits

Juno Eclipse Love Theme

The Death of Yoda (ROTJ)

Force Theme (ESB)

The Imperial Probe/Aboard the Executor (ESB)

Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave (ESB)

Walker Assault (BF 2015)

Imperial Advance (BF 2015)

Rebel Resistance (BF 2015)

Battle of the Heroes (ROTS)

Selection 2: Kevin Kiner/Ludwig Goransson/Various

Star Wars The Clone Wars Main Title & A Galaxy Divided (CW)

This Ends Now - TCW Season 5 Finale Trailer

Ahsoka Is Back (CW)

Ahsoka and the 501st (CW)

Ahsoka Lives (CW)

Burying the Dead (CW)

Crash Course Moon (CW)

A Friend (Mandalorian)

Back Together (Mandalorian)

Yoda’s Journey Ends (CW)

The Finest Troops (CW)

Republic Cruiser (CW)

The Clones (CW)

Season 3 Trailer (CW)

This Ends Now (Trailer)

Season 7 Trailer Music (Trailer)
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Re: Menu Music Mod

Post by cbadal »

How about an Xbox release?

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BF2_ModTools\dataABC> soundmunge.bat xbox 
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