Sullust: Sith City

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Sullust: Sith City

Postby Kingpin » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:50 pm

Well. I guess my clan is moving to SWTOR, and that means I am too. So I thought I would release this map to you guys. I present *drumrolls*...

Sullust: Sith City

PLEASE NOTE that this is intended as a Hero Assault Clan Headquarters map, and the singleplayer is not the funnest experience ever. Anyways, here you go.
Also, another PLEASE NOTE: The intended idea of the map was to release patches every month for updates, and I made two versions. However, since I am likely done with this, there may be some slight object misplacement, for example, chairs may not be rotated, or floating objects and such.

Based of of Mav's Sullust: Jedi Conclave, Sullust: Sith City is a lava world filled with volcanic ash. This map is centered around one large island in the middle of a river of lava; and, on the outskirts, lies more buildings.
Sith Emperor's Tower
About 10 customized quarters, spread across the map
MAGBAR (My custom reskinned Cantina, called MAGBAR from Magnus (me) + Bar (Hey, I don't like math! *slaps*))
What Else...
Oh yeah
Dueling spaces
Acolyte Towers
Dome of the Voice of the Emperor
Monument of the Dark Lord
Various Re-skinned props and buildings, also some of the best assets packs (see readme).
Working Lava (by the way, that was a real "pain in the rump" to get working)

LINK: ... ad/

Image Image Image Image Image

Mav: The best modder in the world and my inspiration
Lucasarts/Pandemic: Stock Assets + Game
Caleb: Caleb's Model Packs
Rends: Coruscant: Streets and City Asset Pack
Darth Khan the Forgotten: Reskinned Rend's Dome to make the Voice's Dome
Dark Lord Aphotic: Hexagon Tower
RepSharpshooter: The lovely plant model, in which I used to "brighten the atmosphere"
Me: Reskinned Yavin Assets and Cantina, making the map (does that sound arrogant?), reskinning and re-sizing Caleb's models and Rend's models, and the lava.
The Gametoast Community: Helping me with fixing my problems (especially AQT)

Thanks! Enjoy!

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Re: Sullust: Sith City

Postby Anakin » Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:08 am

wow very nice.

But it seams to be a bit empty. Can you put some more staff on the map? (boxes, destroyed pillares,...)

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