Clone Wars Extended Galactic Conquest

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Clone Wars Extended Galactic Conquest

Postby Jaspo » Sun May 04, 2014 7:06 am

Somebody requested that I make CW .lvls for Extended Galactic Conquest, so I made some. I've not tested it extensively, and though I've not had any trouble with it, the person who made the request was having some difficulty getting it to work right. So, let me know how it works for y'all.

This uses (most of) EGC's mod maps (and therefore requires that they be present in the addon folder), and works the same as any other custom galactic conquest; see the readme for more details.

download: ...

Edit: We found out that the problems were caused by trying to use these with Battlefronts GC, rather than Extended GC. I've not got around to making a Clone Wars version of Battlefronts GC yet. That said, there may well be some bugs here and there. I know for sure that some of the maps will crash sometimes just because they're mod maps (they would in instant action too, typically if in a playlist with a bunch of other mod maps played before them) - this was already an issue with the GCW version and as far as I know is a problem with the maps rather than the galactic conquest scripts.

In case you're really confused as to what all this is about, consult these three topics:

Extended Galactic Conquest main topic:
Extended Galactic Conquest new GCW .lvl files:
Battlefronts Galactic Conquest topic:

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