Battles of the Storm Map Pack

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Re: Battles of the Storm Map Pack


:D You did a really great job with the trailer! Like it got my heart pumping. We need more trailers like this.
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Re: Battles of the Storm Map Pack

Post by Lorul1 »

Thanks everyone
be sure to tell all your friends about the trailer ! Hopefully this can be big starwars news before battlefront EA comes out
:) I can see it now "moving and destructible motherships come to battlefront 2"

Hopefully that will not only show everyone battlefront two is still modded but maybe it'll bring in a whole new generation of battlefront 2 modders as well :thumbs:

I used "video pad video editor" its a free software but i hope to get sony vegas for Christmas.
I will admit video pad can be frustrating to work with when expecting speed and has little glitches here and there but it was free and I guess you get what you paid for.

If (or when) you guys subscribe, do it through the link AKA subcribe to "lorul1" not "lorul videos". Lorul videos is my alternate youtube account and lorul1 is my main account where ill post everything non trailer and walkthrough ect

:D Thanks for the feed back and hopefully this is the first place where ill announce version 1.1 ... if i can get zeroeditor to work again :funny2: ...
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Re: Battles of the Storm Map Pack

Post by RedHardcore »

Ok. The work and effort you put into this map was astonishing I have to say like good job for that. But there are some problems with it. First of all, instead of calling it "Advanced Conquest" call it "Campaign" because it's basically telling you to go to this coordinate and destroy this ship or computer or it orders you to capture a cp rather than capturing it freely like regular conquest. Secondly in the campaign, things just happen automatically and except for destroying a few ships and other things, I barely have to put any effort into the mission and still win anyway. You always win unless if you modified the reinforcements using "Fake Console" in the unofficial patch 1.3. Thirdly, you should also have a regular conquest version of this map, and have a CTF as well. Forthly, the sizes of the files are shockingly large, a lot larger than the Conversion Pack. Maybe create an alternative lightweight version that takes up much less room with regular conquest and ctf and maybe one or two other game modes, and the so called "Advanced Conquest" campaign on a different file for people that only want the regular game modes and have lots of mods already installed and want to have room for more mods. This is optional and you don't have to do this but maybe some support for the biggest era mods (BFX or Dark Times or Kotor Mod). I love that there are lots of units in the battlefield at once, please keep that and maybe even more :). Overall pretty good. I think you could've used a little more of matching or even original structures for paths in the maps but that's not a big deal. I had to remove it from my computer because it takes up too much of my room for mission files on bf2, I still have the .rar tho.

But overall yeah, just shrink the size and add regular conquest and ctf or make a much smaller file sized version without all the cool ship animations for people to enjoy regular conquest and take up less towards the 500 mission limit and have the special campaign on a seperate file or mod.
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Re: Battles of the Storm Map Pack

Post by jedimoose32 »

I don't know if it's okay for me to bump the topic like this (usually frowned upon but I wanted to give my feedback).

I played the map pack. I played it because your trailer was really cool and seeing some of your WIP photos looked really nice.
I think this pack has some really great potential, but it's not quite there yet in terms of polish and playability. For instance, I love the idea of a bigger capital ship interior! But I got completely lost inside yours and it took me over 5 minutes to figure out just how to get where I needed to go. The same thing happened on Geonosis. I love the idea of a big interior base (and a cortosis mine, very awesome!) but even if I followed the other units I still couldn't get to where I needed to be.

Also, as others have mentioned it's pretty easy to just stand around and let the AI win the battle for you. On the Kashyyyk ground map I literally just ran around and probably killed about a dozen droids but the objectives kept getting completed anyway. :P
The maps also suffered from having too many class options. I know different people have different views on this topic but I think having 10 classes is just too much (I know you didn't do that on all of the maps, but some of them).

Otherwise I thought it was a charming map pack and like I said above, it has a ton of potential. Your story ideas are fantastic and I liked the scope of each mission. I felt like I was part of a bigger war, not just some tiny battle in the middle of nowhere. That was definitely really fun. Maybe scale some of the gameplay stuff back a little bit so that players can focus on having fun with the sheer awesomeness of your story. :)
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