Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

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Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by thelegend »

Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2

This beta is the second available beta to the public. It contains Cato Neimoidia as a second map, as well as an updated Coruscant version, all 6 classes for each side (Just Clone Wars only). Both maps support Space to ground combat, new and stock game modes, heroes and more.

If you already played the first beta you might have noticed a huge amount of bugs, crashing issues and...unpolished lighting. I hope this version fixes most of them. This time you can play as Jedi Master Ferroda, Zam Wesell, Durge and Aayla Secura. Jet Troopers, Clone Commanders, Magna Guards and Droidekas are now fully playable. The HUD has been improved and partly fixed. You should now be able to see the Health bar.

Cato Neimoidia Gameplay:

Download (Moddb): ... pen-beta-2


Star Wars
Battlefront III Legacy
Open Beta 2 - Updated - Cato Neimoida Addition

ReadMe and

Thank you for downloading and installing the second, OPEN beta for Battlefront III Legacy (Swbf3: Legacy or Bf3L).

This ReadMe or Guide will lead you through the installation process of this beta as well as in giving you additional information.
It is REALLY recommend to read everything here, because we tried our best to make this as simple as possible.
And things only work, if you have a full understanding of the process as well as how things are installed correctly.
We; Me(El_Fabricio), Anakin, Jedimoose and DarthDio; the Authors of this mod,
wish you a lot of fun with mod as well as all the luck at installing.

1. Requirements
2. Installation
3. Beta Information (Including a list of bugs)
4. Credits
5. Links and Contact

The BETA will be downloadable until the release of the final version. If we are going to
add patches, hot fixes or any additional files, we will inform you at ... iii-legacy

1. Requirements

-Full Version of Battlefront II (Disk copy, GOG or Steam; all of them will work)

-Official Patch 1.1,
-Unofficial Patch 1.3
>Link(1.1): ... ernational
>Link(1.3): viewtopic.php?f=35&t=14483
OR ... =425232058

~3.0GB of hard drive space (Size of the maps, sides etc.)

~1.5GB of RAM (Recommended)

In order to play online:
-Gameranger, Tunngle or BattleSpy (The Beta will be MP compatible. But since the main servers were shut down you only have these options left to play online)

NOTE: The final release is going to be larger (Regarding File Size).

2. Installation

Installing is very easy. The Installer gives you an example destination. It is your default path:

Move all contents from the folder "Battlefront 3 Legacy - Open Beta 2" into the following path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II

However, people who bought the game at steam migth have a path like this one:
C:/Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II\

If everything has been installed, go and check if the following files are where they are supposed to be.

List of all installed files/folders:
New Launcher:
* .../.../Battlefront II/Install/audio/(New Files)
* .../.../Battlefront II/Install/pages/(New Files)
* .../.../Battlefront II/Install/audio/BackUp (Old files were backed up)
* .../.../Battlefront II/GameData/_lvl_pc/data/user_script_1.lvl

* .../.../Battlefront II/GameData/addon/CO3 (Includes map, new sides and everything else)
* .../.../Battlefront II/GameData/addon/CN3 (Just the map and certain files. Sides, the HUD etc are loading inside CO3^)

>>Note about user_script_1.lvl. If there already is a .lvl file with the same name go and rename the already existing file into user_script_2.lvl or user_script_3.lvl or....You can also back up an existing user_script_1.lvl and let the installer replace it.
Alternatively you can also install our user_script_1.lvl and rename it to user_script_2.lvl or any higher...
It depends on other mods which have these installed already.

IMPORTANT: If you already downloaded the first beta, then you can leave it inside addon. This version will mostly replace ecerything from the old version.
If it asks you to replace files, click "yes". You can also remove the old beta completely if you think you could run into
problems. Both ways will lead you to the goal.

Now everything should have been installed. Try out the game and see if it works. Also if something doesn't work, take a look back at the requirements. If the mod is still not working, feel free to ask me/us about your issue.

3. Beta Information

The Beta is just a very limited version of the final mod.
For example you can choose between only a bunch of heroes/villians. The final version will let you play up to 35 heroes/villains.
Just two maps are included in the beta: Coruscant and Cato Neimoidia. Both maps are 99% finished and just might need some polishing as well as some bug fixes. New maps are planned to be added to the final version.
Also more game modes will be available in the final version such as Hero Assault, Turning Point, Campaign, Survival, Fighter Squadron...
And don't let us forget about the second era: Galactic Civil War.

The beta/Demo was heavily requested so here we are.
Of course this Beta is not saved from bugs and glitches. Since the mod is still in developmenet some things might miss such as sounds, objects and animations.
There even might be a possibility that Supremacy (or any other modes) crash while loading, while playing, of when you finish. So...Be aware of that. However the mod istelf runs very stable on this engine. You should be able to play this without too many problems.
Coruscant Supremacy might crash sometimes. This game mode has not been heavily improved. SOme bugs are fixed and there is now a winning/lose chance. But still there are some bugs which have not been fixed yet.

The Beta is in a playable state! That means what you see is literally how the final version will be like. You can win, lose, can do the things already you'll be able to do in the future. It's just limited. However it's working. And that's what matters in this beta.

4. Credits

* El_Fabricio/the_legend
* Anakin
* Jedimoose32
* DarthDio
Special Thanks
* AceMastermind
* FuZaH
* Darth Plagueis
* CorraAshu
* Marth8880
* CloneCommOmar
* The whole community at

Assets Credits
* Free Radical Design
* MoviesSound - Uploading Jedi Rocks
* - Textures
* cgSkies - Sky Texture
* Pandemic Studios

Thanks for the Rightholders go to
* Lucas Arts
* Pandemic
* Disney
* EA

Sound and Other Assets
* MoviesSound - Uploading Jedi Rocks
* tertiary7 - Coruscant Ambient Sound
* - Textures
* cgSkies - Sky Texture
* davidou - gas leak sound effect
* knova - fan sound effect
* ReyDros - Plane from Ground Sound effect
* ikbenraar - Firework sounds
* cmusounddesign - glass cracking sounds

Also big thanks go to all who supported and still support us, our work and the community.

5. Links and Contact

Here is a list of available links regarding this mod/project:

Moddb: ... iii-legacy


My YouTube Channel (Easiest way to contact me): ... IsQVfUaJnQ (It is important to add that I keep uploading new preview videos, information and maybe some guides about this mod until it's final state/release...That means...maybe...Just leave a sub there : )

You can also contact me at: for personal things or if I forgot something important to mention.


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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]


ive never downloaded so fast in my life! Will we be ble to free cam in this version?
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by Deviss »

finally Cato Neimoidia!!!! its awesome!! maybe hunt mode on next version of mod :O ?
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by DylanRocket »

TWINKEYRUNAWAY wrote:ive never downloaded so fast in my life! Will we be ble to free cam in this version?
Yes, you can use it in this version, along with the fake console.

Cato Neimoidia is so awesome! :D
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by MikeTheBeast55 »

The trailer video to this next map is definitely awesome and I am counting down the days that the next (and most likely) final map will be released by this modding team! I definitely will be downloading and trying this out very soon, hope all is good with the next map that you all are working on!
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by Teancum »

Could be both a good and a bad thing, but the mod got covered at Kotaku --- good for the coverage, bad for the minor possibility of a hammer swinging down and bringing this to an end. I wouldn't stop, though as this is not poised to compete with the new Battlefront. ... 1792022039

Incidentally I've wanted to promote Marth's Mass Effect: Unification mod in major media but I don't know how EA would handle it.
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by kitfisto15678 »

I am REALLY enjoying this beta. It runs way better than the first beta.
This may become my favorite mod of all time!

No bugs to report right now but I was wondering what your visual settings in-game are? The game seems to run and look better on your computer compared to when I play it...

EDIT: I also just tried out the 1 flag CTF on Cato Nemodia and I believe you have the something reversed than it normally is.
Correct me if I'm wrong but in the normal 1 Flag mode when you get the flag you have to take it to the enemy base to get a point. In the mod you take it to your base which makes for a pretty boring CTF game. Also I don't think the AI know how to get to the flag.
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by JimmyAngler »

So far great mod guys!! The scale of the battles and the precision in every detail is incredible!
The only bug I have found is some collision issues (the stairs you walk down when you first exit the vehicle in the trailer) and some effects not showing up. Other than that wonderful work! Can't wait to see the next updates!
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by Kingpin »

Congrats on being featured on Kotaku!
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by AnthonyBF2 »

This is all so incredible but I have one question - will there ever be a regular conquest eras using regular sides?
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by RedHardcore »

Dude, keep up the work. I just tried the mod today and it is one of the best ones i've seen.

Its not friendly for my new computers processor though, but you've done a great job overall when making it. Hopefully you will add more maps in the future!
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Re: Battlefront III Legacy - Open Beta 2 [Feb 3rd, 2017]

Post by ArtIsPaperView »

I'm having a weird bug in which maps load and then stay on the loading screen, except there's ambient noise and no text in the hint box (and other things are wrong with the loading screen I just forgot what else). And the game is unresponsive. Anyone know what could be causing this?

Edit: If I exit out and then go back into the game, it will briefly give me the pause menu before crashing after about a second. Also it only does the ambient noise for about a second, then it's silent.

Edit 2: Coruscant works, but if I get near/look into the cantina it will crash immediately. Likely that other places would crash too, I haven't explored very far into the map.
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