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Postby Anakin » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:42 am

This mod can remove all HUD fonts while the menu and interface texte is not affected. It is nothing that works for it's own but it supports you while doing your own custom HUD.
You don't need to care about removing the old text, rescue the menu and interface or munging fonts and custom lvl files.
Simply make sure the ScriptPostLoad function is defined in your mission script and add __fontManagerRemoveText__ = true at the beginning of the script (NOT inside the function!).
Instead of gamefont_large and gamefont_small you need to use gamefont_large_visible and gamefont_small_visible in your custom HUD file.

simply spoken you don't need the "Remove any textes from the HUD" section from my HUD tutorial, since this mod will reduce all the written words to a "add __fontManagerRemoveText__ = true to your mission and install this mod"

Make sure to credit me if you are using this mod.


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