AI Hero Script

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AI Hero Script

Post by Rayman1103 »

This is a user_script mod that enables AI Heroes on all maps. I've made sure to prevent AI Heroes from being able to enter any vehicles or turrets.

The script will not activate when playing Campaign, Galactic Conquest or on a map which already uses Archer01's AI Hero Support.

This script reads data from Hero Settings:

Heroes - If you turn off Heroes, then no AI Heroes will spawn.
Unlock Hero - If set to Timer, AI Heroes will spawn after x seconds based on the value of the slider. If Points is selected, AI Heroes will spawn after 5 seconds.
Hero Respawn - Once defeated, AI Heroes will respawn after x seconds based on the value of the slider.

AI Hero VO:

When an AI Hero spawns or gets defeated, a VoiceOver will play alerting players. (With the exception of defeating custom heroes). If you set Hero Respawn to "Always", then no VoiceOvers will play.

AI Hero Options:

I've added support for tweaking some settings by checking for optional files. This means you can change some things just by dropping in some files.
The following files would go in ...\GameData\DATA\_LVL_PC\AIHeroOptions

hero_override_on.txt - AI Heroes will always spawn regardless if Heroes are off in the in-game Hero Options page.
hero_override_off.txt - AI Heroes will never spawn regardless if Heroes are on in the in-game Hero Options page.
hero_vo_off.txt - The VoiceOvers will never play when AI Heroes spawn or get defeated.
NoForcePowers.lvl - AI Heroes will not use Saber Throw or Force Lightning.


Click to Download from GameMaps
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Version: 1.3


Requirements: The UnOfficial v1.3 patch r129+ or greater.

Credits: Archer01 for his AIHeroSupport script, which helped me solve a couple issues.
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Re: AI Hero Script

Post by willkilla »

This is easily my favorite mod to come out in years. This mod along with the others totally fixes a lot of issues the PC version got that were not in the original xbox version as well. Does this mod along with the others work in multiplayer? If you are continuing this series of game fixing mods I might suggest correcting the sound effects for many vehicles (ATST pewpew noise is not like the movies, ATAT normal weapon sound is also incorrect, and cockpits are not present unless running mods)
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