Geonosis: Earthbound Assualt (ver 1.11) 1.2 coming soon!!!

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Postby Leviathan » Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:42 pm

Off-topic : Gunjak has uploaded this level on YouSendIt BETA, which, as this service's name suggests, may be unavailable during a certain time... But don't worry, SW', since such issues have been fixed in less than twenty-four hours in most of the cases... :wink:


Postby SWShellhound » Fri Mar 03, 2006 4:57 pm

Thanks it is working now.

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Postby RAymo » Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:38 pm

there should be more space for the vehicles
other than that, this map is great


Postby Gunjak » Sun Mar 05, 2006 3:44 pm

thanks for the feedback raymo


Postby Gunjak » Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:13 am

by the way im uploading this lvl to filefront, when it is done i will post the link here, just in case the timer runs out on yousendit


Postby Blackcurrent » Fri Mar 10, 2006 11:19 am

Please do, the file has expired!


Postby Gunjak » Fri Mar 10, 2006 12:17 pm

Ok the new link is on page 1 , enjoy


Postby Gunjak » Fri Mar 10, 2006 1:25 pm

ive decided to work more on this map as i dont have time to start from scratch so i would like to hear what everyone thinks and how to improve it thx gusy


Postby Gunjak » Fri Mar 10, 2006 4:39 pm

OK version 1.2 is almost ready, it includes

. AI pathing for the sniper tower,

. less vehicle combat more Infantry combat,

. many bugs resolved

More later, got to get testing :P


Postby Guest » Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:28 pm

sweet... Can you add Delta 7 Starfighter?


Postby Gunjak » Sat Mar 11, 2006 5:44 am

oooh i dont know,the last starfighters always crashed everywhere, however i was thinking of getting an aclaimator, ship hovering up in the sky with a cp,
and using that to deploy starfighters

sorry a capitol ship

tho many said its not possible :(


Postby Talibanman » Sat Mar 11, 2006 6:22 am

where would u put a cp in an acclamator? :? ON it? like in hoth escape?


Postby Gunjak » Sat Mar 11, 2006 7:13 am

yeah i can try, it would be like a space/ ground lvl combined


Postby Gunjak » Sat Mar 11, 2006 7:14 am

Does anybody know how to get the original battledroid that has a pistol blaster rifle and grenades??


Postby lord.of.the.sith.lords » Sun Mar 12, 2006 2:36 am

Gunjak can you put the vehicles back in cause that was a very good tank map were you have a tank army vs another tank army i think it is great with heaps of tanks :P



Postby Gunjak » Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:54 am

waat the tanks havnt bin taken out


Postby Gunjak » Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:55 am

Can anybody send me an original battledroid that uses the blaster rifle??


Postby Gunjak » Mon Mar 13, 2006 12:25 pm

sorry version 1.2 is taken a while :(


Postby him » Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:41 pm

so are u reducing tanks or just addin infantry?


Postby Gunjak » Tue Mar 14, 2006 12:12 pm

i will reduce tanks, but i wont add infantry, i might make an xl mode with twice as much tanks and infantry,


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