Hex-Edit: Ewoks vs Gungans II

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Hex-Edit: Ewoks vs Gungans II

Postby Penguin » Sun Apr 16, 2006 7:10 pm

Name: Ewoks vs Gungans II: Attack on Endor

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This mod lets you play as Ewoks Vs Gungans on Endor.
It replaces Rebels with Ewoks and Empire with Gungans.
You can play Conquest or CTF. (Hunt doesn't work)

Becouse there are already Native Ewoks on Endor it balances the game.


1: Back up your Mission.lvl file from your SWBF2 GameData/data/_LVL_PC folder.
2: Copy/Move the "mission.lvl" file from this zip into
your GameDate/data/_LVL_PC folder.


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