Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

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Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby Lephenix » Sun May 08, 2011 10:36 am

I found a page with Softimage XSI keyboard shortcuts, so here you go :

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Re: Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby naru1305 » Sun May 08, 2011 10:41 am

hey lephenix, thnk you sooo much, that was what i´ve search for a long time :bowdown:
you can look in xsi for the shortcuts, but this is more apparent, thx again :amidala:

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Re: Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby DarthD.U.C.K. » Sun May 08, 2011 12:25 pm

in xsi itself, under file->keyboardmapping you can find all shortcurs illustrated on a keyboard and set your own, isnt that more apparent than a list?

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Re: Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby ACEwithSPADES » Sun May 08, 2011 2:33 pm

No. :cpu:

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Re: Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby VF501 » Fri May 13, 2011 6:24 am

DarthD.U.C.K. wrote:in xsi itself, under file->keyboardmapping you can find all shortcurs illustrated on a keyboard and set your own, isnt that more apparent than a list?

And under that you can set custom mappings to make your workflow smoother and even keybind useful stuff that has no preset keys.

Such as

Edge Loop Select- Selects multiple edges in a single continuous line
Parallel Edge Loop Select- Selects an edge and all edges parallel to that edge.
Extrude along an Axis
Extrude along a Curve
Inset Polygons


Re: Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby Lephenix » Fri May 13, 2011 3:14 pm

I add some shortcuts (idk if they are already in the list though):

General Tools
New scene _____________ctrl+n
open scene _____________ctrl+o
save scene _____________ctrl+s
Info ____________________ctrl+enter
info selection ____________shift+enter
switch to model toolbar _________1
switch to animate toolbar_________2
switch to render toolbar_________3
switch to simulate toolbar_________4
switch to toolbar panel_________ctrl+1
switch to palette to panel_________ctrl+2
switch to the hair panel_________ctrl+4
close floating window under mouse
pointer selection tool _________ctrl+’
activate rectangle point selection _________T
activate rectangle edge selection _________E
activate raycast edge selection _________i
activate rectangle polygon selection _________Y
activate rectangle near it selection
activate raycast polygon selection _________U
activate rectangle hair tip selection _________’
rectangle tool (uses current filter) _________ F7
lasso tool (uses current filter) _________F8
freeform tool (uses current filter) _________F9
raycast tool (uses current filter) _________F10
Rectangle-raycast tool (uses current filter) _____Shift+F10
Paint tool (for points and polygons) _________F11
Select all objects _________ctrl+alt+A
deselect all _________ctrl+shift+A
deselect all using filter _________ctrl+shift+A
select parent _________Alt+up arrow
select parent branch _________Alt+ctrl+up arrow
select first child _________Alt+down arrow

viewing tools
activate multipurpose navigation tool _________S
activate multipurpose navigation tool _________S+Shift
Activate Dolly tool _________P
activate orbit tool _________O
activate roll tool _________L
activate pan and zoom tool _________Z
Activate rectangular zoom tool _________Shift+Z
frame selection _________F
frame selection in all views _________Shift+F
frame all _________A
frame all in all views _________Shift+A
reset camera _________R
Maximize/restore active view port _________F12
High/unhide selection
{view and render visibility) _________H
unhide all objects _________Shift+H
unhide all polygons _________Ctrl+H
Hide unselected objects or polygons _________Ctrl+shift+H
Hide/unhide texture supports for selection __________
modify projection--------------J
Hide /unhide texture supports for selection Shift+J
activate render region ______Q
refresh render a region, explore, semantic or browser____F5
show/hide grid in active window ____________G
opened visibility options editor for active views ______Shift+S
opened visibility options editor for all views _____Ctrl+shift+S
increase subdivision level of polygon mesh pad _____+
decrease subdivision level of polygon mesh pad ___-

editing tools
delete selected----------------------Delete
delete all (no undo)---------------Shift+delete
create cluster---------------Ctrl+L
remove cluster-------------Ctrl+Shift+L
create group-------ctrl+G
remove group--------------------ctrl+shift+G
activate duplicate to-----------------D
duplicate single---------------Ctrl+D
duplicate multiple-----------------------Ctrl+shift+D
duplicate single without option ___________Ctrl+Alt+D
instantiate single _____________________Ctrl+I
instantiate multiple ___________Ctrl+shift+i
instantiate single without option _____________Ctrl+alt+i
activate move point tool _____________M
activate paint tool to edit weight maps _______W
open brush properties editor ___________ctrl+W
open envelope weight editor for selection _____Ctrl+E
activate parent tool ________________/
Activate 3d manipulator on selection ___________B
show next manipulator __________Tab
show previous manipulator __________Shift+Tab
opened property editor for all properties of selection ____Alt+Enter
renamed note and explore ____________________________F2
show synoptic annotation, or pop-up explorer _____F3
virtual slider for marked parameters ____________F4
Animation editor _______________________0 (zero)
Animation mixer ____________________Alt+0 (zero)
FX tree _______________________________Alt+1
FX viewer _________________________alt+2
script editor_________Alt+4
layer control_________6
image clip viewer_________Alt+6
render tree_________7
texture editor_________Alt+7
XSI explorer_________alt+8
Schematic _________9
expression editor _________Alt+9

Animation tools
set key on marked parameters _________K
remove key _________shift+K
set branch key using marking set_______Alt+K
go to first key _________Ctrl+down arrow
go to last key _________Ctrl+up arrow
go to previous key _________Ctrl+left arrow
go to next key _________Ctrl+right arrow
activate markings set _________Ctrl+M
create markings set _________Ctrl+shift+M

transformed tools
activate scaling tool _________X
activate rotation tool _________C
activate translate tool _________V
temporarily toggle snapping _________Ctrl
reset activate transform on selection ____shift+R
reset all transforms on selection ____Ctrl+shift+R
open local transform editor for selection ____ctrl+K
go to first frame _______________home
go to last frame ______________end
go to previous frame ________left arrow
go to next frame ___________right arrow

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Re: Softimage XSI Keyboard Shortcuts

Postby AceMastermind » Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:56 pm

Doctor Steam on XSI Base posted a useful hotkey image for those interested: ... #msg290944 ... e-hotkeys/

Here's a video by Stephen Blair about Creating keyboard shortcuts:

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