Aircraft Modeling by Paul Donaghy (aka Giant551)

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Aircraft Modeling by Paul Donaghy (aka Giant551)

Postby AceMastermind » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:44 am

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giant wrote:Well here it is my aircraft modelling video tutorial. It goes throught the steps of polymodelling using subdivision a Polikarpov I16 Rata a little WW2 Russian fighter aircraft.

All the major steps are covered including the set up of image planes and the all the steps to create a fairly detailed aircraft model. There is no timelapse or cuts, its my modelling warts and all. By the end of the set you should have a good understanding on sub d modelling in XSI.

The set contains 14 lessons and you will need the TSSC codec to view the video's. The set i would say is suitable for beginners to sub d modelling but if you are completely new to modelling and XSI you might want to have a look at my beginners XSI set the Dreadnaught which is available here

I have taken the decision to put them on rapidshare for now as they will be available to everyone and you should get a reasonable download speed. I am aware that they only let you download so many megs an hour if you use the free service but a months downloads is only about £4 which lets you download them all in a oner if you wish. And hey the vids are free anyhow so its not such a bad deal eh ?

Anyway i hope they are of some use to somebody as i think tutorials for this type of modelling are a little thin on the greound for XSI and if you like them i might even add to the set some more details and the UV mapping and texturing.



Reference images

1. Part 1

2. Part 2

3. Part 3

4. Part 4

5. Part 5

6. Part 6

7. Part 7

8. Part 8

9. Part 9

10. Part 10

11. Part 11

12. Part 12

13. Part 13

14. Part 14 ... likarpov+I

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