Enveloping Troubles [Solved]

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Enveloping Troubles [Solved]

Postby TehPandemic » Mon May 08, 2017 6:22 pm

I'm attempting to convert Ashuras Clone over to SWBF2, but I'm having some serious trouble enveloping.

Basically, I've had to alter the default SWBF2 skeleton to fit the a-pose which the JKA model is in. I've unkeyed all bones, sat them inside the model and when it's time to envelope, I end up with this unholy mess.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Edit: Solved by removing the override_texture and sv_ model, firstly by removing bone_root out from under the dummyroot heriarchy, deleting said instances, then moving bone_root back under the dummyroot

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