Menu scrolls by itself (SWBFII Classic)

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Menu scrolls by itself (SWBFII Classic)

Post by dragoonmaster97 »

Alright, so I've heard of this problem, I've had it before but the last time it wasn't nearly as bad. I tried to find a solution on google but the threads either didn't have any replies or they didn't have any solutions that worked for me.
I made a post on steam asking for help, and I got this website as a reply.
Okay, so the problem is this glitch/bug sort of thing. Whenever i'm in a menu (the main menu, selecting whether to save or not, etc...) the game continuosly scrolls either down or up (usually down). It happens even if I'm not touching any buttons, so it can't be me pressing them accidentally.

The up and down keys are not stuck, they are perfectly fine. The last time this happened it was on another laptop, so I don't think it's my laptop. I think it's the game. I don't know what to do, this is extremely annoying, and I just want to enjoy one of my favorite games.

Thanks in advance.
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