Star Wars: Republic Commando Mini-Campaign: 1st Mission

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Star Wars: Republic Commando Mini-Campaign: 1st Mission

Postby rc1207sev » Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:03 pm

I have brought you a SWRC Mod, this is a mini campaign I created. But enough talk, here's the DL(It's only a map file and readme):

And some screens:

After extracting, copy the campaign_1.ctm file into [Your SWRC directory]/GameData/Maps
Run Republic Commando
Launch any campaign mission
without pausing the game, hit the ` key on your keyboard (should be at the top left)
A console should pop up
type "open campaign_1" (without quotes)
Enjoy the map

Note: Some squad commands will not work if your squadmate is not completely in line with the object in question. This is simply because I did not put in any planning, so you'll have to give your squad a little nudge to go somewhere.

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