Dark Times II A-Wing Lasers

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Dark Times II A-Wing Lasers

Postby Triforce919 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:44 am

Hey guys, I noticed something with my installation of DTII. The A-Wings only fire one laser from the center of the body opposed to the cannons on either side. This issue appears in many (possibly all, I need to double check) of the space maps with the exception of "Space Endor" with DTII support that came with The Emperor's Throne Room (The lasers display correctly here). Anyone encounter this issue too?

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Re: Dark Times II A-Wing Lasers

Postby Maveritchell » Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:34 pm

It's just a small bug - there are a couple that I've seen over the years since release, and none of them are really game-breaking. I'd noticed it by the time I released the Throne Room map, and I corrected it with that version of the A-Wing.

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