MCP Reobfuscation Problems

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MCP Reobfuscation Problems

Post by commandoCC-9811 »

If anyone can help me, please tell me what happened to you and/or what you did about it.
I'm trying to mod Minecraft with Modloader and MCP (as usual) but for some reason, I reobfuscate it and nothing turns up in the "reobf/minecraft/" folder.
Does anyone have any idea of what may be going on?
Never mind, solved the problem myself. I just reinstalled MCP, and redid my coding on my files with Eclipse.
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Re: MCP Reobfuscation Problems

Post by CressAlbane »

Be aware that the PATH variable for the MCP can mess up your ModTools in BFII (well, it did for me)
EDIT This was my own fault, not the MCP.
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