CommandoCC9811's Rods v0.1 (1.7.3 W.I.P)

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CommandoCC9811's Rods v0.1 (1.7.3 W.I.P)

Post by commandoCC-9811 »

I've been trying to get a mod done and have been contemplating on making this, but haven't been able to try it because my MCP wasn't working for a while and my computer's internet was down (right now using my sister's netbook). Anyways, here it is:

CommandoCC9811's Rods Mod (WIP v0.1) for 1.7.3:

A simple mod for now, it adds the ability to make three types of rods so far (Iron, Diamond, and Obsidian) and make different things out of them that can enhance blocks and items in the game.
Images of what I've made so far:Image(From left to right)Blocks = Iron Reinforced Glass, Diamond Reinforced Glass, Obsidian Reinforced Glass. Items = Iron Rod, Diamond Rod, Obsidian Rod, Shard of Obsidian. ImageItems in inventory.
Showing all the items in inventory:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
VV - How to craft the items and blocks - VV
^^ - Comparison between normal glass and the Reinforced Glass - ^^
^^ - Obsidian now instead drop Shards of Obsidian instead of the block. Putting four shards in a square in the crafting box makes one block of obsidian. - ^^
Necessary Mods Needed to Run This Mod: Risugami's ModLoader

How To Install:

1. Select "Start"
2. Click "Run"
3. Type into "Run" %appdata% (with the percentage marks.)
4. Select the folder .minecraft
5. Select the folder bin
6. Select the file minecraft.jar and open it with WinRAR
7. Copy all files in the "CommandoCC9811's Rods" zip into the minecraft.jar
8. DELETE META-INF FILE in minecraft.jar
9. Run Minecraft


Rods WIP 0.1 1.7.3

This is my first mod, so please comment on it and give suggestions, I need ideas on what else I should do.

What do you think of this mod?
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Re: CommandoCC9811's Rods v0.1 (1.7.3 W.I.P)

Post by Dohnutt »

That's really cool! Reinforced glass is a great idea!
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Re: CommandoCC9811's Rods v0.1 (1.7.3 W.I.P)

Post by DrakusFett »

Kinda fun cause I was doing something similar on 1.7 too and just updated it for 1.8

And Very nice Mod!
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