Mojang developing game from scratch in 60 hours

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Mojang developing game from scratch in 60 hours

Post by Twilight_Warrior »

They call it... Mojam
And they're streaming it live on
They already started today, they're about 16 hours in, but the stream is fun to watch sometimes.

Mojang has teamed up with Wolfire Games to develop a Steampunk, ancient Egypt real time strategy shoot 'em up game called "Catacomb Snatch" (All parameters for the design of the game were/are chosen and voted on by fans and viewers) and Oxeye Game Studios is making a dungeon crawler beat 'em up set in a post-apocalyptic World War II.

Works the same as any other humble bundle, choose what you want to pay for the games and you'll get them when you're done. The only difference being the devs have opted out of any payment, and ALL proceeds will go to charity.

Not sure about the quality of 60 hour games, but they said if they had potential, they'll continue to work on them after Mojam is done, and I donated to the good cause, anyway.
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