Halo 4 is leaked and spoilers are everywhere. BEWARE.

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Halo 4 is leaked and spoilers are everywhere. BEWARE.

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I thought I might let some Halo fans on this forum know that the game is now 100% illegally leaked and spoilers are EVERYWHERE. The Legendary ending and epilogue are even on YouTube at the time of this posting. 24 days before the game comes out. It literally makes me sick.

I haven't been spoiled yet, and I hope those that care on this forum never do either. Halo 4's story is bound to have some amazing things happen.

So, stay frosty, stay away from YouTube Halo 4 videos, stay away from official Halo 4 forums, do anything you need to to avoid being spoiled. See you guys on November 6th!

PS: Ending was for effect. NOTE: I am not taking a hiatus from Gametoast. LOL
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