Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Postby Delta_57_Dash » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:06 am

Maveritchell wrote:
Delta_57_Dash wrote:How do you deal with Fairy types walling you?

Iron Head/Waterfall (and a +Atk nature), but a lot of them can wall me. Klefki, Azumarill, and Mawile are obvious issues. I can two-hit-KO any fairy in the game, but if a fairy gets a single attack off, I'm probably dead. It's not a great strategy - it's a gimmick - but it's fun when it works because it works really well. It wrecks dragons, though - even multiscale Dragonite is one-hit-KO'ed.

Yeah I can't imagine a dragon type living through that kind of Draco Meteor.

And as far as gimmicks go, it's not a bad one. One turn of set-up and an entry hazard isn't THAT hard to pull off.

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Postby Fusion » Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:30 am

After having a really awful Win/Loss in the last season of Battle Spot, seeing that losing streak starting to happen again, and my general desire to get revenge on lazy yet powerful sets, I read several strategies online, did some tinkering, and devised a team for myself to handle most threats on Singles. The Pokemon viewer on the Global Link was very helpful in showing me what the most common Pokemon used were and was integral in helping me design this team. I went from a 5/8 to a 25/20 with this team:

Haxorus @ Lum Berry
Mold Breaker
4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
Dragon Claw
Poison Jab
Dragon Dance

Ultimately, kinda useless outside of some Fairy threats like Azumarill and Whimsicott. I rarely bring it into battle and might end up replacing it someday, but it's still VERY powerful once it gets a DD up. Most common uses involve making an opponent safely switch to their Fairy type...only to get a DD boosted EQ or PJ to the face. Lum prevents Whimsicott-related status-ery.

Gyarados @ Life Orb
252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe
Stone Edge
Dragon Dance

This is usually why Haxorus doesn't see much play. Once Gyarados gets off a DD there isn't a single thing that isn't a wall that can take anything boosted by Life Orb. The problems that Gyarados commonly faces are Mega Venusaur, Rotom (before DD), and Porygon 2, but usually these can be avoided by a switch to a Pokemon that can take their hits. Speaking of switching, there is a reason other than "I forgot to get a Hidden Ability Magikarp" as to why I run Intimidate over Moxie. Moxie would be very helpful in sweeping, but...

Manectric @ Manectite
Lightningrod (Reg)/ Intimidate (Mega)
4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe
Volt Switch
Hidden Power (Ice)

Ever since I was first introduced to Doubles, I always wanted to run a Gyarados-Manectric combo. Having Lightningrod to absorb all of the electric attacks heading to Gyarados was an extremely appealing idea to me. However, Manectric got to be pretty bad once 4th and 5th rolled around due to everything having a base speed of 106+ and having access to Ground STAB, so I really only got to use the combination in XD. In Story Mode.
Now, though?
135/135 special sweeper with Intimidate is way too good to pass up. Even though it's not Doubles the combination still works fantastically. Electric type with Levitate switches in on Gyarados? Switch to regular Manectric and get +1 in Special Attack for the low cost of no damage. Want to annoy users of the best starting bird since 4th gen? Get a chain of Intimidates going with Volt Switch just in case it somehow lives a 70 BP electric STAB move. Also, even with no boosts, I have often seen HP Ice OHKO a Garchomp. Just be mindful of Weakness Policy Dragonite and Aegislash. You might think you can KO them, but they can tank some powerful hits and get some crazy damage going. Just use your head on what to do when something like that happens. Also, go for 4 Defense EVs because the spread for HP Ice requires a 30 in Defense (31/x/30/31/31/31). I have seen Mega Manectric live some physical attacks it otherwise wouldn't because of that. These two usually see the most use in battle.

Heatran @ Choice Specs
Flash Fire
4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe
Fire Blast
Earth Power
Hidden Power (Grass OR Electric)
Flash Cannon

Admittedly, this is probably a really hard Pokemon to obtain like this if you don't know how to RNG, use Pokegen, or use a DNS spoofing site, so it's probably the biggest hurdle in regards to making this team. Specs Heatran can do some monstrous damage even if the hit is resisted. The HP type is dependent on if you hate Swampert/Quagsire or Talonflame/Non-Mega Gyarados more. If you run HP Grass like I do, you can probably still 1-2HKO a Talonflame with Fire Blast. Make sure Heatran is either used very early game, so you can switch in case of a bad move choice, or when the opponent no longer has a hidden Pokemon on their team and you can plan accordingly. Heatran is the second-least used Pokemon on my team, but when it shows up, it usually ends up being the MVP. Very handy against Mega-Venusaur, Scizor, and Aegislash.

Whimsicott @ Wide Lends or Leftovers
252 HP/252 Def/4 Spe
Stun Spore

Whimsicott is probably the main reason why the metagame shifted to using more Mega Venusaur after Pokebank was released. It has a very nasty priority paralysis and the ability to shut down other leads that don't have Magic Bounce. (REMINDER: Taunt is blocked by Magic Bounce. I know this because Science.) Use Whimsicott when the opponent has a lack of Grass and Electric types on their team. I use Wide Lens to help make sure some crucial Stun Spores hit the opponent, because if you base your strategy around that for the entire game and it misses on, say, Gengar, Whimsicott is going down and you lose. You just lose. Leftovers can help with recovery in case of a Porygon 2 stallfest, but ultimately, Wide Lens helps a lot more. Use Stun Spore on sweepers and use Tauntcore on walls and other annoyances. Moonblast is just for coverage in the rare case of Whimsicott being the last Pokemon. It destroys Garchomp with a 97 Special Attack stat and a 95 BP move. Trust me. You could run U-Turn but then you have a cotton ball hitting a brick wall for the remaining twenty minutes.

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
252 HP/164 Atk/72 Spe
Knock Off
Ice Fang

Gliscor isn't used that often, but when it is, it's probably going to do something good. It completely walls physical attackers, electric types that aren't carrying HP Ice, Aegislash, other walls, and the entire country of Denmark. (I'm assuming, anyway. That person didn't know what to do against mine.) Gliscor usually comes in when you can't use Whimsicott or Gyarados due to the opponent's team being filled with things that would likely stop them before they could do any work. It meshes well with every Pokemon on the team except Haxorus, who has very similar weaknesses and strengths. Special Attackers, especially those that use ice type moves, are the bane of its existence, so keep that in mind at the team preview. Gliscor can ruin physical walls almost as well as Whimsicott with Knock Off, but remember to look out for Weakness Policy Aegislash. (Although, Gliscor did live a +4 Shadow Sneak from the thing with 35 HP so who knows if it's actually a threat or not.) You can run Toxic over Ice Fang to get some more damage on other walls, but the Ice Fang is usually unexpected and I've actually had people try to set up dragon types on me predicting a switch or a Substitute. It did not go well for them.

Feel free to use it if you want. I've been having a lot of fun on Battle Spot with it, and I haven't even had a DC yet. It's powerful but not broken, so most people just feel like they made some mistakes and didn't lose to hax. Much better than my 1 Win/1 Loss/1 DC record when I used to use Lockdown the Klefki. :P

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Postby Twilight_Warrior » Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:44 am


For those of you that still play, I got a 2DS so my brother and I can both play Smash 4. He's taking my old 3DS, so I've got a new FC, and therefore, a new Safari. Also, I would really appreciate if you guys re-added me even if you don't play X/Y that often anymore, so *I* can use *your* safaris. Thanks.

New Safari: Normal

DITTO - Lillipup - Minccino

New code: 4828 - 6378 - 0808

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Postby Fusion » Tue Oct 14, 2014 7:56 am

I can't believe you actually got a Ditto Safari a year after it stopped mattering. :P

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Postby Twilight_Warrior » Tue Oct 14, 2014 3:47 pm

Tell me about it. Blame Sm4sh.

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Postby ggctuk » Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:49 am

X and Y will not be patched for the new Mega Evolutions.


So this means the first mass item ban for trading since Generation 2 from the sounds of it.

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Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Postby Fusion » Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:46 pm

I figured we wouldn't be able to use the new megas in X/Y as people could easily just hack them in without spending $40 on a new game (and also because if you went to a 3ds that lacked a patch there would be some rather unfortunate consequences), but I really hope that doesn't mean we can't battle against people using the new megas like in gen 4 with Rotom/Giratina. Heck, even if they just made it so you could battle them but there was no model change I'd be fine.

Edit: Datamined Mega Spoilers:
Index: 799 - Swampert-M Stats: 100/150/110/95/110/70 Type: Water/Ground Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Index: 800 - Sceptile-M Stats: 70/110/75/145/85/145 Type: Grass/Dragon Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Index: 801 - Sableye-M Stats: 50/85/125/85/115/20 Type: Dark/Ghost Catchrate: 45 Stage: 2
Index: 802 - Altaria-M Stats: 75/110/110/110/105/80 Type: Dragon/Fairy Catchrate: 45 Stage: 2
Index: 803 - Gallade-M Stats: 68/165/95/65/115/110 Type: Psychic/Fighting Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Index: 804 - Audino-M Stats: 103/60/126/80/126/50 Type: Normal/Fairy Catchrate: 255 Stage: 2
Index: 805 - Sharpedo-M Stats: 70/140/70/110/65/105 Type: Water/Dark Catchrate: 60 Stage: 2
Index: 806 - Slowbro-M Stats: 95/75/180/130/80/30 Type: Water/Psychic Catchrate: 75 Stage: 2
Index: 807 - Steelix-M Stats: 75/125/230/55/95/30 Type: Steel/Ground Catchrate: 25 Stage: 2
Index: 808 - Pidgeot-M Stats: 83/80/80/135/80/121 Type: Normal/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Index: 809 - Glalie-M Stats: 80/120/80/120/80/100 Type: Ice/Ice Catchrate: 75 Stage: 2
Index: 810 - Diancie-M Stats: 50/160/110/160/110/110 Type: Rock/Fairy Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Index: 811 - Metagross-M Stats: 80/145/150/105/110/110 Type: Steel/Psychic Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Index: 812 - Kyogre-P Stats: 100/150/90/180/160/90 Type: Water/Water Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Index: 813 - Groudon-P Stats: 100/180/160/150/90/90 Type: Ground/Fire Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Index: 814 - Rayquaza-M Stats: 105/180/100/180/100/115 Type: Dragon/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
815-820 are Cosplay Pikachu forms
Index: 821 - Hoopa-M Stats: 80/160/60/170/130/80 Type: Psychic/Dark Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Index: 822 - Camerupt-M Stats: 70/120/100/145/105/20 Type: Fire/Ground Catchrate: 150 Stage: 2
Index: 823 - Lopunny-M Stats: 65/136/94/54/96/135 Type: Normal/Fighting Catchrate: 60 Stage: 2
Index: 824 - Salamence-M Stats: 95/145/130/120/90/120 Type: Dragon/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Index: 825 - Beedrill-M Stats: 65/150/40/15/80/145 Type: Bug/Poison Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3

Beedrill is now my favorite. After YEARS of trying to justify using one, I finally have a reason.

Edit 2:
Shiny Megas:

Well I for one am glad I downloaded some legit Shiny Weather Trio 'mons before WFC shut down.


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