supa spooky gamez YO

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supa spooky gamez YO

Post by TikiXFIP »

So in my absence I got the opportunity to play a few spooky games. Particularly slender, Nether, Dark Deception, The SCP series of games and even *Shudders* the goat simulator. I'm not here to ask which you think is the scariest game, I just want to talk to you guys about your experiences playing the listed or any other non listed games that you have played. Anyhow to get the ball rolling Ill talk about my experience playing Nether. Its like DayZ With some more distinct differences. The enemies being a heck of alot tougher the environment being smaller but with much more areas(There are high rise buildings, to the city streets, all the way to the underground metros). The combat is a little different and there are towns with npcs that can sell you stuff or make you stuff from the things you turn into them. Feel free to post guys! :)
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Re: supa spooky gamez YO

Post by Zapattack1234 »

Well you did convince me to buy nether, I think the game is an average multiplayer survival game, with the addition of NPCs to craft stuff for you. The highlight of the game is the enemy NPCs as they are all pretty freakin scary and always manage to sneak up on you. I also love SCP Containment Breach and F.E.A.R. too. I'd also like to try out the forest but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
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