Need for Speed World

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Need for Speed World

Post by AnthonyBF2 »

This game actually came out around 2010. It's a free online PC game with low system requirements.

The game is almost pay2win but I refuse to believe that because I did a lot with the default career car until getting something better.

There is a long list of cars to pay for but also has a good list off free stuff.

I've been playing this for about a week, and rarely find a game that keeps me away from SWBF2 like this game has. I've been a NFS purist since Underground 2 anyway.
This game is also a combination of NFS Carbon and Most Wanted (2005 MW)
Both of which were great games.

The in-game world is literally the maps from MW/Carbon combined with extra interstate sections.

The game also detects "Xbox 360 Controller for Microsoft Windows" I'm using the sixaxis PS3 controller but have software to fake it as Xbox controller.
A wheel or a controller is better for racing games, for me at least.

The basics of the game are to complete goals, and objectivess to level up and get rewards, of course at any time you can dump money on it and get better cars early or performance upgrades. The game randomly gives you upgrades, sometimes unlocking something before you would unlock it by advancing.

So far the game modes appear to be:
Drag: most courses are about a mile, and limits the amount of players, (4 lane track = 4 players) but can have 6 or 8 players on the interstate drags.
- Use manual transmission to get a huge win over automatic people.
- NO LIE - a player had a paid car , Nissan GT-R, I smoked him with my default career car because I nailed every perfect shift using manual and he used automatic.
Circuit: self explaining
Sprint: self explaining
Team Pursuit: you and from 2-8 racers, depends on track, lowest is 4 players, will team up and evade cop cars, road blocks, and large police trucks charging you head on

half of the players need to beat the finish line to escape, while there is a number of strikes.
all players can get busted and respawn as long as there is a remaining strike. If strikes run out and you get busted, you spectate the last players and hope they win. You get more rewards based on finishing position, how many cop cars you disable, and how many players were in the race/and finished as well.

Then you have the power ups and weapons - similar to the 2010 NFS Hot Pursuit game play
You can use various power ups during game play.
In race modes you have
Nitrous - self explaining
Traffic Magnet - calls this on the current leader, traffic cars will forcefully drive into them
Shield - blocks traffic magnet
Add 1 Lap - circuit only - self explaining - only 1 can be called by 1 player per race
Slingshot - Nitrous effect but only works if you are in 2nd position or lower
Recharge - most power ups take about 30 seconds to recharge - this power up instantly recharges other power ups - get 2 consecutive nitrous shots

Pursuit power ups can be used in offline or online pursuit modes.
Juggarnaut - your car becomes a very heavy force and anything you hit will bounce off
- counter for the charging cop trucks
Team slingshot - if you are in 2nd or worse , use this - all players in 2nd or worse get a boost
Team evade/evade - if you get cornered by cop cars use this to throw them back about 50 feet

So far over all I think it's a great game but it can grow a bit repetitive. I have to replay some easy events over and over to get more money and rewards.

I think that this will only appeal to previous NFS fans.

The list of cars might appeal...

- rare and standard car list, 150+ total - most rare cars = dump money
to name a few: Caterham R500 Light(<-- google this looks like a hot wheels toy)
Ford GT40 MK.I(from the 60's)
classic Corvette Stingray,
Mustang Boss 302 60's or 2012 model
Shelby Cobra 420 S/C
Lamboghini Countach
Military Humvee
Ford Raptor Pickup truck
Police edition Ford Crown Victoria
Toyota Corolla from the 80's

It would be nice to find anyone who has this or would like to play with me. It's hard to find a game like this where I DON'T get shoved off the road in a drag race
- really the noobs crashing is rampant and aggrivating

I want to find clean and fair players I can level up with , and teach - I know everything about NFS past Underground 2
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