Hardest Fighting Game Character to Learn

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Hardest Fighting Game Character to Learn

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I've been playing quite a few fighting games lately, and I was wondering who people here thought would be the hardest character to master in any of the games you've tried out. My list:

-Gen (SF4): I want to know how people get him to fly across the screen. Stance system is hard to keep track of.
-Lei (Tekken): Like Gen, only with about 5 or 6 stances instead of 2.
-Akira (Virtua Fighter): It's tempting to put half the cast of Virtua Fighter on here, but I'd like to know what kind of a character requires you to release a button after a frame to correctly pull off a move.
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Re: Hardest Fighting Game Character to Learn

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Reptile on Mortal Kombat 9.
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